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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

NL 2012: The Letterkundig and Kinderboeken museums

Last week I went to the Letterkundig and Kinderboeken museums. Both museums are in the same building as the biggest library in town. The building even had an additional display of communications between Dutch and Turkey ambassadors from the 18th century. The museums are in the same section, separated by a floor. The Letterkundig one has a standing display called the Pantheon, it contains information and some handwritten works of 100 well known Dutch authors ranging from the 13th century till now. As you walk through the Pantheon there are screens with speakers you pull away from the wall to listen to brief snippets of information of the authors. There are a few in English, but there were a few authors I knew about that I wanted to learn more about that didn't have English audio :-/. There were also displays of some beautiful 17th century books :).

As you leave the Pantheon section you go into a gallery of paintings of various Dutch authors, most of whom are mentioned in the Pantheon display. From that display you can go upstairs to view the display running at the time, or downstairs into the Kinderboeken museum. The current upstairs display is the works of The Tjong-Khing. It showed his journey from comic strip illustrator to children's books illustrator. His work is stunning. One story is told purely with illustrations, and he also has a series about Vos en Haas. If it wasn't for the The Tjong-Khing display I would've found the Letterkundig museum interesting, but not amazing. The upstairs display was stunning, it just added to my already growing interest of children's illustrated books. It's no surprise then that I loved the Kinderboeken museum.

The Kinderboeken has a wonderful interactive element to it. Sadly I didn't know about it when buying my ticket so I didn't get this special wristband to activate something in each section. Needless to say the highlight of that museum  - if you're not saving Papiria - is the display of gorgeous illustrations. There are some that I'd love to have. I spent most of my time there walking around, looking at each thing and going wow. There were sections where you could create a the hero for an adventure; one about spooky things, a date cafe and a beautiful section with glass water droplets coming from the ceiling.


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