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Monday, 5 September 2011

Day 18- A book you can’t find on shelves anymore that you love

My Darling Villain by Lynne Reid Banks. I think I found it at a charity sale, I loved this book and had reread it, easily at least ten times. I think I was ten or eleven when I read it, it had all these exciting teenage things in it: wining fights with your parents, exotic and brave friends, and of course the boy ;) It did also spark a brief interest in architecture, the protagonists best friend lived in a triple story, and her family had fireplaces and the chimney running throughout the centre of the home, and I just wanted to figure out how that would really work. Then we moved and it was lost, never to be found again. I've never really stopped looking for it at stores or sales; especially charity book sales, they always have older books. One day I'll find it.


  1. Hinkum and Pinkum - it is a south african childrens book written by Anja Van Staaden. I had a copy as a child and then lost it - you can no longer buy them :( I did manage to track one down in the library my mom used to work in.

    It is such a lovely book about the tooth mouse

  2. That sucks, can you not order it in from somewhere?


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