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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Catching up

I guess you can tell that for the past while I've had posts scheduled, and then the scheduled ones ran out. I'll get back into scheduling ahead sometime soonish - maybe next week while Jerall is in Joburg.

I started physio this week, and will be going weekly for the next month or so. After which it'll go to every second week and hopefully not too long after that once a month. Physio came about because I realised I hit the three month mark in constant lower back pain. The pain is due to my back doing all the work, I don't use my core or glutes or hamstrings; and some vertebrae don't do what they should. So the focus right now is on me getting individual muscle control going - which involves hard daily exercises and, sitting and standing correctly.

Right now the pain seems to have amped up, which the physio warned me would happen. To say it sucks is an understatement. She was amazed I'd made it as long as I did with the pain; seems I'm more stubborn than I realised. She wants me to consider dry needling for the next session; when she did the soft tissue work the pain was so bad I started crying. It seems that dry needling will help with that. So please share your experiences with dry needling - if you have any - in the comments.

I finally saw a nutritionist. My gynae said no carbs would be the way to go to deal with the pcos; so I figured seeing a professional would help with that. Ok, so some of what she said I should be doing I knew that I should've been doing, but the explanation of why had it making sense beyond the "it's bad for you" reasoning. She also clarified the sugar/carb pcos thing in such a way that just knowing what the things I should avoid do to my body, will make it easier to avoid them.

I don't think it'll be easy at all, but the scary things that'll happen if I don't get the lifestyle change right should help me get it right most of the time. There's also my goal of losing ten more kilos, and more importantly wanting to get off the metformin, to help keep things going ok. And if none of that works I'll just remember that having a milkshake is the same as eating nine slices of buttered, white bread 0_o

Besides the above I don't have much news. Oh, I do. I got a good in kung fu :) Did I miss any news, how have you been?


  1. So try the dry needeling. It works. Good luck with the diet - I have the opposite, sort of , problem - I need carbs but I have overactive cholesterol. So crappy with proteins.

  2. I have never actually heard of dry needling but it sounds horrid - sorry I dont do needles :-/

    Good luck with the diet :) the first few days of cutting stuff out are the worst then it gets easier :)

  3. @cat, sorry for the late response. The dry needling helped a lot. Your food needs seem tough :-/

    @Laura, sorry to you too for the late response. The needling was a bit horrid, but considering the help it's been for the pain it was worth it. You're right it does get easier :)


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