Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fun

While trying to think of something to blog about I realised two things. One, I work better with set themes for days, and two I don't really blog about gaming. At first I left gaming blogging for tenletter, but I've been lax on that front as well. It also seems silly to not blog about gaming here, giving that I spend a lot of time gaming - it wasn't as good a weekend as it could have been if there was no gaming; or rather "What no gaming this weekend? :(" So from now on Friday's will be talk about gaming day, covering all the forms I take part in and any fun off shots of gaming and geek culture.

For the first Friday Fun post I'm giving a shout out to Nevermet Press, and the Stories in the Ether project. Check it out if you write fantasy/scifi/steam punk short stories.

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