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Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday Fun: Dominion

Today's post is about one of my favourite board games, Dominion. Dominion is a card game, where you compete against those you're playing with to get the most victory points. What makes the game great, is the fact that although there are some cards that remain the same in each game - the cards representing money and the victory point cards - all the other cards change from game to game. It means that you need to adapt your strategy every time you play because each game is different.

The game consists of treasure cards, victory point cards, curses and action cards. Action cards, do many things including give you extra actions, the chance to draw more cards, gain additional buys or even extra money. Each player starts with 7 coppers - 7 treasure cards - and three victory points - represented by three 1 point estate cards - in their deck, and using those cards to purchase other cards on their turn. The other cards I refer to are the action cards, 10 piles are randomly selected from a possible 25. Those are the cards you'd buy to build your deck and eventually win.

In your turn, you do the following in order: play action cards - if you have any - and resolve the text of that card. You buy cards from the communal pool of cards - limited by the number of buys you have and naturally the money you have too; then place all cards played, those in your hand and those you bought into your discard pile, and draw five cards from your deck.

All this talk abut the mechanics can get a bit boring, but it's the theme that helps make the game awesome, not to forget the great expansions :) You're a monarch, trying to expand your kingdom, sadly other monarchs have the same idea and you need to beat them to being the best and biggest ;) The game is great for 2 - 4 players, and some of the expansions make it work for 6 as well. It works as a family game, provided everyone can read and if you take out some of the meaner action cards.

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