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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Day 09- A book you’ve read more than once

I suppose naming my favourites from day one is taking the easy way out, right? ;) I'm going to name a few, a classic, something from my childhood and something recent-ish. Classic, Little Women and Good Wives I keep on trying to find something redeeming in Amy, and hoping that Beth doesn't die :-/ From my childhood Anne of Green Gables, I read the entire series, but. it was the first one that I reread :) Recently it's The Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan.


  1. I generally cant read a book more than once but one of the books I did read twice was "Between Two Eternities"

    It is an exceptionally powerful real life story of a baby born at 23 weeks. It really is a beautifully sad story!

  2. I think I read the Dune series about 4 times right through. And I keep re-reading modern classics.

  3. @Laura, it sounds good. This challenge is giving me lots to look out for :)

    @cat, rereading is awesome. It's like visiting good friends.


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