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Monday, 4 July 2011

On being competitive

A friend had a boardgames and cake day for her birthday yesterday. It was fun and the cake was yummy :) There is a boardgame that I don't enjoy playing, and I have lost all 13 games that I have played. After the 13th game - I know, why do I keep on playing it when I don't like it? Well my friends and husband like it, and sometimes you do things for others to be happy - the discussion turned to definitions of losing. My friends say I didn't lose, I beat two other people. Me: losing is not wining and winning is coming in first.It didn't go down well. They then told me that I'm very competitive - a big revelation to me.

I know that I can be competitive, but they made it sound like I'm a rage quitter. I just happen to like winning, but knowing that I'm unlikely to win doesn't stop me from playing games. I game because it's fun, and something I can do with friends. If I happen to win, it adds to my fun, and yes, it does make losing the rest of the time easy to deal with.

Is being competitive that bad?


  1. Really? You are so competitive? It thin it's a positive point. Now I want to know what the board game is?

  2. Well I don't think I am, but my friend did say that when I beat her at a game - a game she's really good at by the way - that I get so excited I make her feel bad that she lost :-/ The game is Agricola http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/31260/agricola, it's a great family game if you're looking to buy.

  3. David is uber super competitive. It is insane!!!

    I would prefer to win but if I dont then I really dont mind :)

  4. I think most people would prefer to win ;)

  5. There is a fine line between being competitive and being a douche. Just don't cross it and you will be fine. :)


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