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Thursday, 21 July 2011

My first kung fu class

Last night I went to my first, ever, kung fu class. I was really nervous about it for most of the day yesterday, and it didn't help that Jerall thought my being nervous was funny. I'm not even that sure what possessed me to agree to go in the first place, exercise and I aren't the best of friends.

The first part of the class went well enough, it was stretching, but some of the stretches were familiar from my brief fling with pilates. There were some stretches that I couldn't do like the instructor, but I kept up and did a bit better at that than Jerall ;) Then we got onto technique, and it wasn't really tough, but not easy either. Of course the boy did really well in that part, he got "Well done" a few times for the instructor. It seems that slow controlled movement sequences aren't for me, yet, not to mention the balance and kicking - I'm going to blame the stretches for my weak, not fully extended kicks. The class ended with knuckle push-ups :-/ I could barely do three normal ones, I'm hoping that next week I can do four in both classes.

It was a small class, there were only six of us there, and I was the only girl. Which of course added to my frustration with my slow going, it took a few times for me to get some of the moves. That said, I'll go back, partly because I want to get fit, but mostly because of my competitive nature; I also want to get a "Well done" or two from the instructor like Jerall and our friend J :0


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