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Thursday, 9 June 2011

An update

I've been a bad blogger, but sometimes you just don't want to write. So I don't.

  • We're moving in eleven days :) The new place is awesome, has a great view and as an added bonus a great landlady.
  • I'm not bothered with packing, because the movers will do it. The best add on service ever :)
  • While in Cape Town looking at flats, I collected our photos from our shoot with Nielen. They deserve their own post. I'll schedule one for tomorrow.
  • I love O'Ways, and will try to convince people to join their tea club with me.
  • I'm opting for the write them a letter option to deal with the father and mother. It's easier, and it means I don't need to see them, at all. I'm not sure when I will write them their respective letters and when they'll get it, but I think the decision is enough to help me put an end to that matter. Yes, we will be living in the same city, but I don't see why avoiding them in CT will be any different to here.
  • On Tuesday I went to a friend's work thing. She's involved in HIV/AIDS research and things related thereto. I was just struck by how jaded the people were, and how they've lost the ability to look at things outside of their position of privilege. A few of them were talking about one of the sessions at the conference and how they were sick of the word orphan, but it was nice that that particular session had them not go over the edge. I understand, it's hard dealing with the hard stuff all of the time, but to be tired of orphan, really?
  • On a lighter note, I think I'm going to have trouble with the CT winter weather, but it's a problem I'll be glad to have :)
How have you been doing?


  1. Lots of exciting things happening - here's to a great new CT life

  2. When we move again I am also getting that option where they pack - I dont care what it costs!!!!

  3. @ Cat, thanks lady :)
    @ Laura, it helps with not freaking out, a lot.


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