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Friday, 17 June 2011

Things I'll miss about Durban [Part 3]

Ok, so people aren't things, but hey this one can pass because it fits into a series. I won't name names because not everyone has a blog, or tweets, or is comfortable with me just putting their name out there. The people that this post applies to know who they are, or you can ask if you're not sure ;)

What I will say is, that it's not been easy being here, but some people have made it much better than it was in those first few horrible months. Let's face it, not everyone is ok with meeting and gaming or just hanging out with strangers. And I know I talk a lot when nervous [ok not just when nervous :p] so it's great that people were willing to give us more than the initial meet, oh and to put up with all the Durban sucks talk ;) I'm going to miss you guys; the gaming and hanging out too, but mostly just you peeps.

Thank goodness for twitter, e-mail and phones. See you in October when we're back in Dirtbin ;) for a wedding. And don't be a stranger, you know you want to come to Cape Town :)


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