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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Odds and ends

I'm giving the blogger app on my phone a whirl. I'm hoping it'll get me posting more often, as it'll essentially be like tweeting then, easy. There's not much going on besides unpacking and the seemingly never ending job search. Well there is this horrible back pain I've had since last Monday. I put it down to the long trip, but now I'm not that sure o_O *whine over*

I hope this posts, and that I restrain myself and check that it did tomorrow. Hope you had/are having a good day and that the rest of it goes well.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

We're here

So we've been in Cape Town since Wednesday evening, but our furniture only arrived on Friday. The trip was very long, but we did get to see my cousin and other people along the way. The unpacking is going pretty well, and come this weekend it should all be done. Now we just need to find a bookshelf that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Once everything is neat and tidy I might just put a photo or two of the flat up.

We're really close to Old Biscuit Mill, it has Frankies :D, and some other nice stuff. Although on the whole things tend to be over priced and very hipster :-/ We're on the fifth floor and get a lot of sun, so there've been no winter laundry problems yet, nor have we had to buy a heater :) It's great being back where most of our people are.

On a not so great note: a friend's brother was in a horrible car accident. He's in a coma, with a 20% chance of survival. Please pray/send good thoughts for him and their family. It sucks not being able to do anything, but I figure this could help.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011

Things I'll miss about Durban [Part 3]

Ok, so people aren't things, but hey this one can pass because it fits into a series. I won't name names because not everyone has a blog, or tweets, or is comfortable with me just putting their name out there. The people that this post applies to know who they are, or you can ask if you're not sure ;)

What I will say is, that it's not been easy being here, but some people have made it much better than it was in those first few horrible months. Let's face it, not everyone is ok with meeting and gaming or just hanging out with strangers. And I know I talk a lot when nervous [ok not just when nervous :p] so it's great that people were willing to give us more than the initial meet, oh and to put up with all the Durban sucks talk ;) I'm going to miss you guys; the gaming and hanging out too, but mostly just you peeps.

Thank goodness for twitter, e-mail and phones. See you in October when we're back in Dirtbin ;) for a wedding. And don't be a stranger, you know you want to come to Cape Town :)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Things I'll miss about Durban [Part 2]

Ah the places, warning most of them are food related :)

  • Market, I love the space, the food, the coffee.
  • Colombo Coffee, need I say more?
  • Corner Cafe, great food and coffee ;)
  • The Midlands, it's pretty. And of course you get to stop at tons of great places when on the meander, most of which have awesome food and Frankies.
  • Shongweni Market, really it's about the food.
  • Essenwood Market, for me it's about the pancakes.
  • Mysterys, awesome take away curry place, that's in a wooden furniture store :0
  • And last, but certainly not least, P & R's home. We've played many games there, and had a great TPK too :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Things I'll miss about Durban [Part 1]

Besides the upcoming move, I don't have much blog fodder. So this post, well series of posts, is me using the move as blog fodder ;) Don't worry it won't be long. There'll be this post, an introduction, tomorrow will be places and Friday people.

To start it off, something I'll miss about Durban that doesn't fit in with tomorrow or Friday's post. The winter weather, I'm going to miss being able to wear shorts and t-shirt in the middle of winter. That and laughing at those Durbanites who'll stop and ask me if I'm getting cold when walking around in said t-shirt and shorts.

Friday, 10 June 2011

April 2011

For our second wedding anniversary we had a photo shoot with Nielen. Yip, the same person who took our wedding photos ;) We weren't sure if it would happen as it was pouring that morning. Fortunately it cleared up a bit during the afternoon, and Kirstenbosch was as gorgeous as always. Nielen blogs here, tweets as nielenb and is on Facebook.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

An update

I've been a bad blogger, but sometimes you just don't want to write. So I don't.

  • We're moving in eleven days :) The new place is awesome, has a great view and as an added bonus a great landlady.
  • I'm not bothered with packing, because the movers will do it. The best add on service ever :)
  • While in Cape Town looking at flats, I collected our photos from our shoot with Nielen. They deserve their own post. I'll schedule one for tomorrow.
  • I love O'Ways, and will try to convince people to join their tea club with me.
  • I'm opting for the write them a letter option to deal with the father and mother. It's easier, and it means I don't need to see them, at all. I'm not sure when I will write them their respective letters and when they'll get it, but I think the decision is enough to help me put an end to that matter. Yes, we will be living in the same city, but I don't see why avoiding them in CT will be any different to here.
  • On Tuesday I went to a friend's work thing. She's involved in HIV/AIDS research and things related thereto. I was just struck by how jaded the people were, and how they've lost the ability to look at things outside of their position of privilege. A few of them were talking about one of the sessions at the conference and how they were sick of the word orphan, but it was nice that that particular session had them not go over the edge. I understand, it's hard dealing with the hard stuff all of the time, but to be tired of orphan, really?
  • On a lighter note, I think I'm going to have trouble with the CT winter weather, but it's a problem I'll be glad to have :)
How have you been doing?

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