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Monday, 11 April 2011

The thing is...

Much as I wish things were simple and easy to deal with they're not. I don't think I can forgive him, nor do I want to. Somehow though it's hard to shake the thought that I should forgive him, and by not doing so I'm being a terrible person. Yet, to paraphrase a friend, why do we forgive the horrible/unforgivable just because someone is sick. And shouldn't he be sorting out his stuff?

My sister, and some friends look at this as a time for me to sort out my issues. However, as two friends pointed out, why go there if it's not going to do me any good? The same goes for sorting things out with my mother, is it really going to do me any good talking to her? All of that aside life carries on, and things go back to normal; aside from moments of sadness. Sadness which the reasonable, rational side of me just doesn't understand why or the need thereof. So I've now termed it sadness for my brother and sister, well more for my brother.

Moving onto more pleasant things, the weekend was a mostly good one, aside from what has now become the usual stomach problems for me :-/ And the return of the Saturday sore throat, which I will try to put an end to before Cape Town. Nine days till Cape Town :)

How was your weekend? How are your plans for the break due to public holidays going?


  1. We are going away - yeah! Great to hear your weekend was good.

  2. I agree with the sentiment "why deal with it cos he is sick" - its like when someone dies everyone runs around hugging their loved ones - surely we should be doing this daily IF its what we want to do?

    So I maintain - do this if you WANT to do it. I try to think of the advise I would offer my kids in 20 years time - I may say forgive him but I also may say "do what you feel is right for your family"


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