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Friday, 15 April 2011


We don't have a tv, so I don't watch the news, I read it. I read it on The Daily Maverick, News 24 and some other sites, as links are shared by folks on twitter and in chats. Had I not been following some people I would have missed finding out about Ficksburg. It kills me that in today's society we're more interested in fraking dumb National Cleavage Day, rather than the fact that a man got killed by cops for protesting against poor service delivery. What makes it worse is that those cops are not even suspended. The person they shot, was not even wearing a t-shirt. How fraking dangerous is an angry man with only his fists as weapons against men with guns? I have never wanted to leave SA more than I do know. There is clearly something wrong with us that the superficial shit is more important than someones death.

To make this day even more shitty, a friends mom passed away last night. I hate feeling so powerless to change anything. There's nothing I can do about our shitty government, and corrupt cops and nothing I can do to fix it all for my friend.


  1. Hey Cassey... You're right, it is pretty damn disgusting... I especially enjoy the ANC's reaction: they condemned the incident (rhetoric, rhetoric), but they're more upset that the SABC reported on it and broadcast it, because they feel that the visuals and news is "too disturbing" for people to see. More like, we don't want you to see how badly we're failing at certain things, doesn't look good in the run-up to the elections, does it? Hugs for you today, hope you feel better soon...

  2. Hey Donnay, yeah the ANC's behaviour is all kinds of "just keep on voting for us". I know that you shouldn't want people to not vote in the local elections, but I'd prefer that to voting for ANC. Thanks for the hugs :0

  3. We are planning to come back to SA for a little while, but stories like this makes me wonder if it is worth it.

  4. It's tricky because it's not like this all over the country, but at the same time it seems like these like this happen so often that we just don't care anymore. It shouldn't be like this, and who knows what it'll take to change it.


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