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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

An easy post

A lighthearted topic for today, a meme found at Acidicice's.

Age – 26

Bed size – Queen

Chore you hate – Washing the dishes. In our house if you cooked then you don't wash the dishes, guess who cooks ;)

Dogs – None, but we do want to get one, just need a place with a garden.

Essential start to your day – When Jerall is here a hug, when he's not here my good morning sms.

Favourite colour – Blue.

Gold or silver – White gold.

Height – I'm a shorty a 1.62m.

Instruments that you can play – Do the tambourine and triangle count?

Kids – 0

Live – Durban

Nicknames – Cas, I don't like it, but only those I've known for years can really get away with it, and love by my love.

Overnight hospital stays – One, I was in a car accident - well a bakkie hit me.

Pet peeve – Only one? I'm going to list some: whiny people, liars, queue jumpers, people who write in library books and those on power trips.

Quote from a movie – "These are not the droids you are looking for" - Star Wars Episode IV. I only really remember it because it tends to come up often.

Righty or lefty – Lefty, but I do a lot of things as if I was a righty. I learn best when shown how to do things, and given that those who teach me stuff tend to be rightys I end up doing things like a righty.

Siblings – Lots, brother and sister, stepbrother and sister, cousins with who I lived with giving me 2 more sisters, and well 2 female and male cousins that I grew up with, them being my mother's twin sisters kids.

Time you wake up – It depends, if Jerall is how I go sleep at a reasonable time so am awake between 7 and 9am on weekdays and weekends between 8 and 10am. If he's not here I freak myself out and stay up till anything after 2am so then wake up between 10 and 11am

Underwear – The comfy pretty kind.

Vegetables you dislike – Aubergines and choi are gross.

What makes you run late – Even when in a rush I do all that I need to do to feel ready to face the world.

X-rays – Once of my back following the accident, I also had a cat scan/mri whichever one of those they use to look at your head.

Yummy food you make – I'm really good at making pasta dishes, stews and a dessert that my family calls booba [spelling]. According to Jerall and the times he has seconds I'd say all my food is tasty ;)

Zoo favourite animal – Don't have one. I'm not a fan of zoos.


  1. Have now linked to you...feel free to link back :P

  2. I did, it's the first sentence of the post :)


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