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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Blog challenge - Wishes

Sally-Jane had this post as a challenge to get people to think about and share their wishes for their funerals. It is a tricky subject, and one which I tend to shy away from, but then I thought why not. It's just another aspect of the "things you should do when you grow up" list. So here is mine:

  • For the ceremony, only those who want to/can speak should do so. There is no person x must speak business to happen. That said Jerall, you know about my poem.
  • Play music that reminds you of me, and throw in some of my favourites too. Please no hymns, for those moments rather play the quieter songs from the Macross Frontier ost, I'm sure a few of you know which ones I mean.
  • Jerall knows this already, but a reminder is in order - don't bury me, cremation please.
  • Ashes are to be scattered somewhere with a great view, where I'd be happy to just sit and chat, or read. That spot in Hermanus when we'd raid P's dad's place to go whale watching comes to mind as an example.
  • After the service everyone should have a group lunch/dinner and eat only the tasty stuff, have some sushi for me :)
That's it, I think I covered the most important parts. What would you do?


  1. I want tears and lots of them. Yellow roses, sunflowers, no church service.

  2. @Cat, thanks :)
    @Wenchy, the reason I don't want tears is because I know there will be tears on other days. I just want a little moment of goodness inbetween all the sad. Like the yellow roses idea :)


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