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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The weekend that was

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  • Friday evening we played some Dominion and took it easy, well I did Jerall was working on his Superstar entry
  • Saturday morning we had a visit from our landlords to take a look at some potential spots of trouble in the flat
  • Saturday afternoon we played some Mage, followed by dinner at Tashas
  • Tashasa has some great food, coffee and crazy portions, or it could just be a talent I have for picking the best value for money items on the menu ;)
  • Sadly after dinner I got sick, the worst kind that can happen when you're out and about tummy issues :-( I think it has something with the little bit of weight I lost and my current dosage of metformin. The type of sickness is what I know goes with the meds and having too many sweet things, but 3 cookies and a bar of chocolate isn't too many :-/
  • On Sunday we tried to track down the office where we should register for the local elections, but just couldn't find it :-/ So we'll just go vote in our old neighbourhood.
  • I also made lamb shanks for dinner, but it didn't have all the flavours I wanted it to have because you can't buy wine on a Sunday :-/
  • Those moments when we weren't busy doing other things, we played a lot of Desktop Dungeons. It's supposed to take 10 - 15 minutes of your time, but it's a lie. You can't just stop with one game so it never takes 10 - 15 minutes, be warned :0
How was your weekend?


  1. Can not buy wine on a Sunday? Serious? Sounds like a good one never the less.

  2. As far as know it's only you up country folks that can buy wine etc, on Sundays. It's the price you pay for living along the coast ;)


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