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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Vote for Jerall

Right for those of you who've missed my many tweets about it ;) Vote for Jerall, this is where you vote, and this is his entry. I'd like to point out, that Jerall is the only one that had a judge say he is Superstar ready :D Please vote, it'll be beyond awesome when he wins, he'll be the only South African to have done so. Do you need more reasons? Well his work is excellent, he wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't good. So I'm not asking for you to vote for him just because he is Jerall, but also because his work is great.

*Edit: I forgot to mention that you do need to register to vote. The registration is easy, and quick - it doesn't send a confirm your e-mail address e-mail.


  1. I tried to vote, but you have to sign in. I'll do it later!

  2. That's true, I should have mentioned that...will do so now. Thanks :)

  3. thanks for the anniversary wishes

    Betty Bake x


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