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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

An update

  • We had a pretty good gaming session on Saturday, sadly my curry turned out to be too hot for 2 of the guys :-/ Added to that my crumble wasn't according to me good enough, it just means I'll make my extra chocolatey pudding for next time.
  • Jerall's time in Jhb was extended to include next week. He is also back on that project and will have to go up to Jhb more often :(
  • I think my body has started to dislike the weekend as this Saturday past was the second Saturday in a row where I woke up with a sore throat :-/
  • The sore throat turned into more of a general sickness on Sunday, and I'm still bleh today :-/ I dislike being sick, it brings out my over emotional and clingy side - two things I really hate.
  • The tests my doctor ran seem to be fine. I say seem to because when I called her the pap smear was normal and she said that there is nothing dramatic about the other tests. Who says nothing dramatic for tests? What does that even mean? Added to that the lower dosage she put me on is not available, and the pharmacist says hasn't been for awhile. The pharmacist says that my complaints from being on the meds is probably because the meds can give you IBS, something I think my doctor should have mentioned. Needless to say the hunt is on for a new doctor, but I might not need one in Durban.
  • I might not need a doctor in Durban because things are looking very promising on the job front :)
  • Yesterday I received a phone call from a company that I sent an application to, and they want me to interview for the job I applied for as well as another one that the manager believes I can do :0 Somehow they missed the part of my cover letter where I state that I'm in Durban, but want to move back to Cape Town. After a little back and forth and me reassuring them that I want to and will move for a job things were all systems go. Except for one little thing, the other position is a three month contract :-/ Fortunately Jerall is awesome and he said to go for it :)
  • This mornings phone call was even better. The position - the one they actually want me for - is now a permanent post, and I'm in for their final, and only, round of interviews. So please cross all fingers that I nail the interview.
  • Time for some more research on the company and the job they want me to do :)


  1. thanks for the comment on my blog
    awesome news about your job position - good luck with the final interview - you can do it!!

    happy wednesday
    Betty Bake

  2. May be the job be yours and may you dictate all conditions of employment! :)

  3. @betty, thanks for stopping by and for you comment too :)
    @spear, thanks, and it would be great if I could dictate all the conditions :)


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