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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's been one of those days

Just a heads up this post is going to have a lot of venting in it, and it might be tmi for sensitive 'viewers' :p

So I have a a health niggle - it's not an issue because it's under control - and in the process of getting it sorted I saw my gynae 4 times last year. I saw her for the first time this year today, for a check up and pap smear :-/ Only during the process of the chat she mentions that she wants to run more blood tests, but the tests are to clear up something that came to light last year, after my first set of blood tests. Fair enough, lets get clarity, only the issue is something she's known about and ignored since then.

How does someone who has all my tests in front of her every time I see her ignore it till a year later? It's actually been 13 months, the tests were done at the start of February :-/ To be fair, she did mention then in that second visit, when all my results came back, that we should keep an eye on it. And maybe in the process of getting my dosage correct it fell to the wayside, and I didn't bring it up either, a mistake on my side, but a year? She waits a year to sort it out? On top of that I need to phone her to get my results, I was given a specific time and day to do so as well.

Added to that bit of ugh, after my pap smear I've been bleeding. Not spotting, but bleeding like I get during my period. This has never happened to me before, so I call her. Fine she's busy, so I ask for her to please call me back, to which I'm told to call her back, because I only have a cellphone number. Yip, I'm freaking out and told to call her back, when it suits her :-/ I finally get to speak to her, and I'm told it's normal, but it's not explained or told in a nice manner, but I got a tone of "why bother me you silly child".

Yes, I'm responsible for my health, no one knows my body better than I do, but really is this the time of service I should accept and just take from my health care professional? Especially one that charges up to R750 a visit?

I'm ready to find a new female gynae in Durban, one who is on time for appointments. I've had to wait as long as 40 minutes before, and it's not because she had a delivery. From what I've picked up she only does C-sections :-/ My new doctor also needs to know about patient care, or how to deal with people. The current doc told me some shitty news, and just sent me out after telling me, there was no comforting "it'll be ok" or a "this is where you can find out more". To make matters worse she never really answers my questions, just gives me some platitudes of "eat well, and exercise". Good things to say, but give me real info woman, don't have me just google things and freak out. I wonder if it's because she's old enough to be my granny, hence old school, and that's why I've just got to deal and take what she says as the gospel?

You're probably wondering why did I put up with this for so long. Honestly I'm not too sure. Yes, I didn't care much for her, but it's hard to find a female gynae in Durban, and I figured I'll switch doctors when we move back to Cape Town. The move hasn't happened, and I've really had enough, so I will switch.

Thanks for the vent :) The only bright thing to come from this mornings trip was being given the all clear to donate blood again, yay :)


  1. I absolutely hate doctors, not the people, the institution. Still need them though...

    here in the UAE it feels like a sausage factory if you go. There is NO personal care.

  2. I think the problem is that it's easy for a few bad doctors to give the group a bad reputation. Bummer, no personal care at all? How do you cope? Clearly I've been spoilt by a lovely GP who listens to what I say, and answers my questions.


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