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Monday, 28 March 2011

In my character box: Marigold Hycintha Smythe-Jones

I'm not the rpger who creates a detailed background for her characters. I cover the basics, mostly why a young women is going off adventuring, and let things take care of themselves. I favour a more organic growth for my characters instead of basing things off a detailed history. That said the systems I favour tend to let you get away with it, even with nWoD the role playing emphasis is on the here and the now, no need for that history stuff.

So it came as a surprise that I enjoy creating a detailed background for a character. This could be due to the system, Savage Worlds, and the GM. It'll be my first time playing Savage Worlds, and the GM has gone for a fantasy feel with some steam punk set in the Victorian age. It'll be a pbp - play by post, or rather e-mail with weekly Skype sessions ;) All of that aside I present to you my character:

Marigold Hycintha Smyth-Jones
Agility: d6
Smart: d8
Spirit: d6
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6

Pace: 6
Parry: 5
Toughness: 5
Charisma: 0


Fighting: d6
Healing: d6
Investigation: d6
Notice: d6
Survival: d4
Persuasion: d6
Riding: d4
Knowledge (medicine): d8

High society
Arcane background: Miracles, starting powers - barrier, healing

Major (OCD): Needs to be clean, refuses to treat patients until they're cleaned up. She will take moments, whenever she feels dirty, to try and clean herself as best she can. As a result she walks around with a change of clothing, an apron and something like wet wipes, to stay clean.

English, Latin, Gaelic, Cree

Mari is the daughter of an English lady, and American merchant. She's had two seasons in England, and her family is worried because she's 21, and still single. As the only child it's become more and more important to both her parents that she has protection beyond the family name. She hates her name and insists on being called Mari not Marigold which her mother always does, and drags her to balls to meet eligible men. Her mother blames her father for letting Mari do things that proper young ladies shouldn't be doing and sees it as the reason that she's not a grandmother yet. Her father counters it with the fact that neither of them wanted a namby pamby kid, and it will be fine when she finds the right man. Mari's father taught her how to ride, and survive in the wilds. He even introduced her to a tribe of wood Elves who taught her how to use her inner power to heal and protect others. She enjoys using it with her modern knowledge of medicine. That said her constant need for cleanliness has lead to some incidents when treating patients. She has been known to refuse to treat anyone till they've met her standards of clean...even if they're bleeding.


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