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Thursday, 3 March 2011

A, B, C

Blackhuff, had a post about herself using the alphabet. Not having an idea of my own to use right now I figured why not :0

A is for the apples in my fridge that I might use for cookies or pancakes.

B is for books, I love them, and will never reach a point of owning enough.

I'm taking the easy way out, but it's for my name :p I was meant to be a Casey, but due to my parents poor spelling I'm Cassey, which I much prefer :)

is for the image of Dita from Vandread, one of the first anime series I watched. I love how she always tends to being happy, something that I tend to do as well; hence me using her as my profile and twitter image.

is for the exercise that I should do, but am too lazy to get right :-/

is for food. I love it, love learning more about it and love cooking :)

is for games, another thing I love :0

is for home, well where I want to return to, Cape Town, or more like it's the place where our friends/people are.

is for ice-cream, something I'd like to learn how to make.

is for Jerall, easy one that :)

K is for kicking a ball, something my clumsy self just can't seem to get right :-/

is for love, which I have :0 I know, it's another easy one, but give me a break, thinking up 26 things is hard.

is for money, wish I had more, then we could save and move to CT sooner.

is for now, a word I tend to affix to something I want to achieve.

is for openness. I tend to be open about anything and everything going on.

is for pcos, what I have, and at times blame myself for getting. It's also making losing weight hard.

is for quirky, a word to describe me at times.

is for rage, the best way to describe the levels of anger certain things and people bring out in me.

is for Superstar, something Jerall will be :) He made the Top 4 :D I know this is about me, but come on, my husband is achieving something he has wanted to for awhile, and I support him thereby making it count :p

is for tea. I love it, especially with some cake or cookies or scones :)

is for Umbrella by Rihanna, a song on Lips that I just can't get a top score on.

is for vinegar, well balsamic vinegar a must have on salads and chips for me

is for weight, the amount I need to lose and how often it bugs me.

is for Xbox 360, turning me into a gaming widow sometimes and others for having fun with friends :)

is for you, and me telling you to comment on the post :p

is for zephyr, a pretty word and the only thing I could think of for this spot :p

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  1. Oh PCOS is a bitch - sorry you have it.
    And i love balsamic too. And tea.

  2. Yip, it can be the suck, but I think that it's more the meds than anything else. Have you tried thyme or ginger infused balsamic? It's soo delicious, you want to add it to everything :)


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