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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Around the world food challenge

Image from the blogger and blog post I'll be telling you about.

Polkadotcupcake has a great food challenge on her blog. Once a month you'll make a meal from one of the 15 cities visited by Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 days. The cities, and countries are:
  1. Dover, England
  2. Paris, France
  3. Brindisi, Italy
  4. Suez, Egypt
  5. Bombay, India
  6. Allahabad, India
  7. Calcutta, India
  8. Singapore, Singapore
  9. Hong Kong, China
  10. Yokohama. Japan
  11. San Francisco, America
  12. Omaha, America
  13. New York, America
  14. Liverpool, England
  15. London, England

It's a great challenge, and it'll get you making something new now and then. I'm sure I'm not the only person who doesn't try all the new recipes she comes across all the time. This way you won't be the only person trying something new.

Check out the post and sign up there as well.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Word Wednesday

This week's word is a regional word from Newfoundland, Canada.

  • ice formed by the action in winter of spray and waves along the shoreline, making a fringe or band on the landward side.
  • a narrow band of ice formed in winter in the salt water along the foreshore or 'landwash'.
  • a floating ice-pan.
  • frozen moisture around the nose and mouth.
  • a ridge of ice formed along a shoreline by waves and freezing spray.

*Hertnon, S. 2008. From afterwit to zemblanity. Auckland:New Holland Publishers

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

An update

  • We had a pretty good gaming session on Saturday, sadly my curry turned out to be too hot for 2 of the guys :-/ Added to that my crumble wasn't according to me good enough, it just means I'll make my extra chocolatey pudding for next time.
  • Jerall's time in Jhb was extended to include next week. He is also back on that project and will have to go up to Jhb more often :(
  • I think my body has started to dislike the weekend as this Saturday past was the second Saturday in a row where I woke up with a sore throat :-/
  • The sore throat turned into more of a general sickness on Sunday, and I'm still bleh today :-/ I dislike being sick, it brings out my over emotional and clingy side - two things I really hate.
  • The tests my doctor ran seem to be fine. I say seem to because when I called her the pap smear was normal and she said that there is nothing dramatic about the other tests. Who says nothing dramatic for tests? What does that even mean? Added to that the lower dosage she put me on is not available, and the pharmacist says hasn't been for awhile. The pharmacist says that my complaints from being on the meds is probably because the meds can give you IBS, something I think my doctor should have mentioned. Needless to say the hunt is on for a new doctor, but I might not need one in Durban.
  • I might not need a doctor in Durban because things are looking very promising on the job front :)
  • Yesterday I received a phone call from a company that I sent an application to, and they want me to interview for the job I applied for as well as another one that the manager believes I can do :0 Somehow they missed the part of my cover letter where I state that I'm in Durban, but want to move back to Cape Town. After a little back and forth and me reassuring them that I want to and will move for a job things were all systems go. Except for one little thing, the other position is a three month contract :-/ Fortunately Jerall is awesome and he said to go for it :)
  • This mornings phone call was even better. The position - the one they actually want me for - is now a permanent post, and I'm in for their final, and only, round of interviews. So please cross all fingers that I nail the interview.
  • Time for some more research on the company and the job they want me to do :)

Monday, 28 March 2011

In my character box: Marigold Hycintha Smythe-Jones

I'm not the rpger who creates a detailed background for her characters. I cover the basics, mostly why a young women is going off adventuring, and let things take care of themselves. I favour a more organic growth for my characters instead of basing things off a detailed history. That said the systems I favour tend to let you get away with it, even with nWoD the role playing emphasis is on the here and the now, no need for that history stuff.

So it came as a surprise that I enjoy creating a detailed background for a character. This could be due to the system, Savage Worlds, and the GM. It'll be my first time playing Savage Worlds, and the GM has gone for a fantasy feel with some steam punk set in the Victorian age. It'll be a pbp - play by post, or rather e-mail with weekly Skype sessions ;) All of that aside I present to you my character:

Marigold Hycintha Smyth-Jones
Agility: d6
Smart: d8
Spirit: d6
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6

Pace: 6
Parry: 5
Toughness: 5
Charisma: 0


Fighting: d6
Healing: d6
Investigation: d6
Notice: d6
Survival: d4
Persuasion: d6
Riding: d4
Knowledge (medicine): d8

High society
Arcane background: Miracles, starting powers - barrier, healing

Major (OCD): Needs to be clean, refuses to treat patients until they're cleaned up. She will take moments, whenever she feels dirty, to try and clean herself as best she can. As a result she walks around with a change of clothing, an apron and something like wet wipes, to stay clean.

English, Latin, Gaelic, Cree

Mari is the daughter of an English lady, and American merchant. She's had two seasons in England, and her family is worried because she's 21, and still single. As the only child it's become more and more important to both her parents that she has protection beyond the family name. She hates her name and insists on being called Mari not Marigold which her mother always does, and drags her to balls to meet eligible men. Her mother blames her father for letting Mari do things that proper young ladies shouldn't be doing and sees it as the reason that she's not a grandmother yet. Her father counters it with the fact that neither of them wanted a namby pamby kid, and it will be fine when she finds the right man. Mari's father taught her how to ride, and survive in the wilds. He even introduced her to a tribe of wood Elves who taught her how to use her inner power to heal and protect others. She enjoys using it with her modern knowledge of medicine. That said her constant need for cleanliness has lead to some incidents when treating patients. She has been known to refuse to treat anyone till they've met her standards of clean...even if they're bleeding.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Urban Grounds Coffee Emporium

Yesterday I tried out Urban Grounds Coffee Emporium cafe. To say it was a fail is an understatement. The problem is that it has good coffee, but the service was shocking. In my first five minutes there, the manager started shouting at a member of staff, not in the kitchen, or anywhere discreet, but rather in front of customers. Any person who can treat someone like that in front of anybody, deserves a smack upside the head. It didn't seem to bother the manager at all, that there were customers in the cafe, because she wasn't done shouting at the trainee. A few minutes later, she then had the trainee go with her to the outside tables and proceeded to shout at her some more. It was so bad, that a person walking by asked the manger why she was doing that and the trainee why she lets someone speak to her like that.

Following my chicken salad lunch I ordered some cheesecake, it is a weakness. There it was on the cake counter all yummy looking :0 When I placed my order the waiter asked my why I'm ordering cake after having salad :-/ Seriously, when did people get that rude?

Along with the side order of rude, I got served the wrong tea. And laughed at when I told the waitress that what she gave me was not rooibos tea, she had to have some before she believed me :-/ Needless to say, I won't be going back there. If you'd like to avoid bad service don't visit Urban Grounds Coffee Emporium, or Exhibit as it says on their menus, on Frere Rd in Glenwood.

Word Wednesday - a day late

This week we have ataraxia.

  • freedom from disturbance of mind or passion
  • stoical indifference
  • calmness untroubled by emotional disquiet
  • intellectual detachment
  • imperturbability
  • a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity

*Hertnon, S. 2008. From afterwit to zemblanity. Auckland:New Holland Publishers

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The long weekend that was

  • Friday I had lunch somewhere new with friend JR. After lunch we took a walk along the beach, and she then came over to our place and played Lips with me :)
  • Saturday was the coffee appreciation course at Colombo Coffee. It was great fun, and made better by the fact that everyone in the group got along - no awkward moments.
  • After that JR, LW, Briget and her G come to our place for lunch, which turned into supper and wine and games :) It turns out that Briget is a really good singer, she won quite a few Lips bouts :)
  • Sunday Jerall and I took it easy. We watched Rango, it is an enjoyable movie great for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • Monday was PC's birthday, and we went to his place for a birthday lunch. I made an extra chocolatey cake for him, it was yummy :)
  • How was your long weekend?
Image from here.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Vote for Jerall

Right for those of you who've missed my many tweets about it ;) Vote for Jerall, this is where you vote, and this is his entry. I'd like to point out, that Jerall is the only one that had a judge say he is Superstar ready :D Please vote, it'll be beyond awesome when he wins, he'll be the only South African to have done so. Do you need more reasons? Well his work is excellent, he wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't good. So I'm not asking for you to vote for him just because he is Jerall, but also because his work is great.

*Edit: I forgot to mention that you do need to register to vote. The registration is easy, and quick - it doesn't send a confirm your e-mail address e-mail.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It's been one of those days

Just a heads up this post is going to have a lot of venting in it, and it might be tmi for sensitive 'viewers' :p

So I have a a health niggle - it's not an issue because it's under control - and in the process of getting it sorted I saw my gynae 4 times last year. I saw her for the first time this year today, for a check up and pap smear :-/ Only during the process of the chat she mentions that she wants to run more blood tests, but the tests are to clear up something that came to light last year, after my first set of blood tests. Fair enough, lets get clarity, only the issue is something she's known about and ignored since then.

How does someone who has all my tests in front of her every time I see her ignore it till a year later? It's actually been 13 months, the tests were done at the start of February :-/ To be fair, she did mention then in that second visit, when all my results came back, that we should keep an eye on it. And maybe in the process of getting my dosage correct it fell to the wayside, and I didn't bring it up either, a mistake on my side, but a year? She waits a year to sort it out? On top of that I need to phone her to get my results, I was given a specific time and day to do so as well.

Added to that bit of ugh, after my pap smear I've been bleeding. Not spotting, but bleeding like I get during my period. This has never happened to me before, so I call her. Fine she's busy, so I ask for her to please call me back, to which I'm told to call her back, because I only have a cellphone number. Yip, I'm freaking out and told to call her back, when it suits her :-/ I finally get to speak to her, and I'm told it's normal, but it's not explained or told in a nice manner, but I got a tone of "why bother me you silly child".

Yes, I'm responsible for my health, no one knows my body better than I do, but really is this the time of service I should accept and just take from my health care professional? Especially one that charges up to R750 a visit?

I'm ready to find a new female gynae in Durban, one who is on time for appointments. I've had to wait as long as 40 minutes before, and it's not because she had a delivery. From what I've picked up she only does C-sections :-/ My new doctor also needs to know about patient care, or how to deal with people. The current doc told me some shitty news, and just sent me out after telling me, there was no comforting "it'll be ok" or a "this is where you can find out more". To make matters worse she never really answers my questions, just gives me some platitudes of "eat well, and exercise". Good things to say, but give me real info woman, don't have me just google things and freak out. I wonder if it's because she's old enough to be my granny, hence old school, and that's why I've just got to deal and take what she says as the gospel?

You're probably wondering why did I put up with this for so long. Honestly I'm not too sure. Yes, I didn't care much for her, but it's hard to find a female gynae in Durban, and I figured I'll switch doctors when we move back to Cape Town. The move hasn't happened, and I've really had enough, so I will switch.

Thanks for the vent :) The only bright thing to come from this mornings trip was being given the all clear to donate blood again, yay :)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The weekend that was

  • Our weekend was pretty easy going, yours?
  • We went to Shongweni Farmers Market on Saturday morning. It's a great market with delicious produce, and yummy food. The only draw back, well for me, is that you're late getting there when you arrive at 07:30 :-/ That said the early trip is well worth it, especially for the food :)
  • The rest of Saturday was spent getting some odds and ends for the flat.
  • Sunday we watched The King's Speech, great movie. Only watching it at Gateway was a mistake, the Cinema Nouveau has Barnyard behind it, lets just say that for the price of your movie ticket you get to hear the other show too :-/
  • The movie was followed by coffee and cake at Tashas, the apple crumble tart is yummy, and more than enough for two to share.
  • We don't have a microwave and I've had to get creative with leftovers. This might not be a new idea to some, ok many, but it's an easy to use one. Sunday dinner was Sunday roast chicken leftovers, including the veg, as pizza toppings. It was easy and perfect for the lazy cook in me :0
  • Between Sunday evening and Monday morning I got an hours sleep, hence the post only being written today instead of yesterday :-/
Image from here

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Word Wednesday

Today's word is great for describing overly pushy people.

  • ambitious upstart
  • one who is bent on arriving, i.e. on making a good posit on for himself in the world; a pushing or ambitious person, a self-seeker
  • a person who has recently acquired unaccustomed status, wealth or success, especially by dubious means and without earning concomitant esteem
  • one who employs any means however questionable or unscrupulous to achieve success
  • an aggressive pushing person
  • parvenu
  • upstart

*Hertnon, S. 2008. From afterwit to zemblanity. Auckland:New Holland Publishers

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The weekend that was

Image from here
  • Friday evening we played some Dominion and took it easy, well I did Jerall was working on his Superstar entry
  • Saturday morning we had a visit from our landlords to take a look at some potential spots of trouble in the flat
  • Saturday afternoon we played some Mage, followed by dinner at Tashas
  • Tashasa has some great food, coffee and crazy portions, or it could just be a talent I have for picking the best value for money items on the menu ;)
  • Sadly after dinner I got sick, the worst kind that can happen when you're out and about tummy issues :-( I think it has something with the little bit of weight I lost and my current dosage of metformin. The type of sickness is what I know goes with the meds and having too many sweet things, but 3 cookies and a bar of chocolate isn't too many :-/
  • On Sunday we tried to track down the office where we should register for the local elections, but just couldn't find it :-/ So we'll just go vote in our old neighbourhood.
  • I also made lamb shanks for dinner, but it didn't have all the flavours I wanted it to have because you can't buy wine on a Sunday :-/
  • Those moments when we weren't busy doing other things, we played a lot of Desktop Dungeons. It's supposed to take 10 - 15 minutes of your time, but it's a lie. You can't just stop with one game so it never takes 10 - 15 minutes, be warned :0
How was your weekend?

Friday, 4 March 2011

A, B, C - Gaming edition

Being without blog fodder, yet again, I figured why not do the same as yesterday. Only this time the theme is gaming.

A - Arkham Horror, a great boardgame for up to 8 players. It's also co-op, you vs the game.

B - Boardgames, an easy one ;)

C - Cranium, a slightly more mainstream boardgame.

D - Dominion, my favourite game :) Every time you play it's different because of the random factor for the kingdom cards, and the expansions that add more kingdom cards.

E - Expansions, extending the life of your games.

F - Fable II, the first console rpg that I completed.

G - Gears of War 2, where you find yourself inside of a giant worm like monster.

H- Hit points, something very important whenever your character gets into a fight.

I - Imagination, your greatest gaming tool.

J - Jones in the Fast Lane, stressing you out about making it in the real world.

K - Kratos, the hero from God of War.

L - Left 4 Dead, survive the zombies to get to safety.

M - Munchkins, a game that makes fun of some rpgers tendency to munchkin their characters.

N - Ninja Burger, you're a ninja that works for a delivery service...way more epic than it sounds.

O - Old One, as in Great.

P - Pathfinder, one of my preferred d20 systems to play.

Q - Quest, what starts your party off on their adventures.

R - Runebound, it's you, killing monsters, and trying to get to the boss before everyone else.

S - Social, something that gaming is more often than not; especially when you factor in table-top role playing and boardgames.

T - Table-top role playing, the only way I think people should role play.

U - Ultima one of the largest MMPORPGs.

V - Virtua Fighter 5, one of the more tricky fighting games.

W -Weapons, how else do you expect to take down the monsters?

X - X-men, they show up in games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel vs Capcom 3

Y - You, and some friends having fun. Lame I know, but the other options weren't much better, and it's true you game to have fun with friends.

Z - Zombies, get to the helipad before the others and leave them behind. So long suckers :p

Image from here
Thanks to Jerall and Noelle for their help with the tricky letters.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

A, B, C

Blackhuff, had a post about herself using the alphabet. Not having an idea of my own to use right now I figured why not :0

A is for the apples in my fridge that I might use for cookies or pancakes.

B is for books, I love them, and will never reach a point of owning enough.

I'm taking the easy way out, but it's for my name :p I was meant to be a Casey, but due to my parents poor spelling I'm Cassey, which I much prefer :)

is for the image of Dita from Vandread, one of the first anime series I watched. I love how she always tends to being happy, something that I tend to do as well; hence me using her as my profile and twitter image.

is for the exercise that I should do, but am too lazy to get right :-/

is for food. I love it, love learning more about it and love cooking :)

is for games, another thing I love :0

is for home, well where I want to return to, Cape Town, or more like it's the place where our friends/people are.

is for ice-cream, something I'd like to learn how to make.

is for Jerall, easy one that :)

K is for kicking a ball, something my clumsy self just can't seem to get right :-/

is for love, which I have :0 I know, it's another easy one, but give me a break, thinking up 26 things is hard.

is for money, wish I had more, then we could save and move to CT sooner.

is for now, a word I tend to affix to something I want to achieve.

is for openness. I tend to be open about anything and everything going on.

is for pcos, what I have, and at times blame myself for getting. It's also making losing weight hard.

is for quirky, a word to describe me at times.

is for rage, the best way to describe the levels of anger certain things and people bring out in me.

is for Superstar, something Jerall will be :) He made the Top 4 :D I know this is about me, but come on, my husband is achieving something he has wanted to for awhile, and I support him thereby making it count :p

is for tea. I love it, especially with some cake or cookies or scones :)

is for Umbrella by Rihanna, a song on Lips that I just can't get a top score on.

is for vinegar, well balsamic vinegar a must have on salads and chips for me

is for weight, the amount I need to lose and how often it bugs me.

is for Xbox 360, turning me into a gaming widow sometimes and others for having fun with friends :)

is for you, and me telling you to comment on the post :p

is for zephyr, a pretty word and the only thing I could think of for this spot :p

Image from here

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Word Wednesday

I like today's word; I just foresee some trouble with the pronunciation.

  • the total store of available resources: a) the equipment (as drugs or instruments) and methods used in an activity or profession, especially medicine; b) factual, experimental, and speculative data
  • array (as of materials); collection
  • essential components; apparatus
  • the equipment of medicines, instruments, and appliances used by a medical man
  • the aggregate of equipment, methods, and techniques available to one for carrying out one's duties
  • a fruitful source of devices or materials available or used for an undertaking

*Hertnon, S. 2008. From afterwit to zemblanity. Auckland:New Holland Publishers

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