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Monday, 28 February 2011

The weekend that was

  • We moved
  • Lots of time spent packing, unpacking and getting things from the old place to the new one
  • The new flat is massive, easily 3 times the size of the old
  • The scary thing is that it took me about two days to pack everything up. It did though include the throwing away of a lot of things, we even filled up two black bags of clothes to give away
  • The next time we move, we're using a moving company
  • Did I mention that the two days of packing was just books,games, clothing, linens and crockery and cutlery?
  • We rented fully furnished, but not anymore.
  • Yip furniture shopping has happened, well is on going. We still need a table and chairs, couch - red, standing lamps, bedside tables and lambs and book shelves.
  • Now it's just about the waiting to buy the items, we buy cash so it's all about priorities.
  • I have a long shelf in the kitchen with all my spices and recipe books on it :) It was the first thing I got sorted :0
How was your weekend?


  1. Oh yes, I refuse to move on my own. Never again. Enjoy the new place. And we do cash too, so things take time, but it is worth it

  2. Yip, from now on moving company. It's more than worth it, expecially when you do the sums of how much it costs when you get it on credit and pay it off over months.

  3. I moved twive the past two years and it sucks. It has been 6 months or more sinc we are in the new place and we still have boxes to unpack!

  4. Wow six months of unpacking, scary :-/ Maybe because it's been that long whatever is in those boxes could just be given away to charity? But, yeah, moving sucks.


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