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Friday, 25 February 2011

Sometimes I just want to be...

a bitch. I dislike rudeness and meanness so much that I work at ignoring situations and people that might call for it. The side effect of just being calm/joking about it/counting to ten is that my tolerance for life's little irritants becomes close to nonexistent and I just want to rage/be mean/bitch. So thanks to the coffee that I drank this evening, I'm up and ready to just vent/get it all out thereby building up my tolerance again.

In no particular order I give you the things that have been tempting me to let my bitch out:
  • Women who think and say they are fat, when they're not. Newsflash if you are smaller than a SA size 34 then you are skinny. If you say you're not one more time you're just going to confirm my belief that you are an attention seeking fool; now shut up and stop whinging.
  • Rudeness ranging from so called friends who don't return phone calls, sms' and e-mails, prospective future employers who don't put "if you've not heard from us by..." in their ads or reply to job applications or expect you to fly to another city for the first round of interviews to spam e-mails, phone calls and sms'.
  • People who call blog posts a blog. You wrote about something in your newest post, not you blogged about something in your newest blog - see the difference, yet?
  • First language English speakers who write in English and can't be bothered to follow the most basic grammar rules. I see this in blogs, newspapers and online news sources, it makes me want to grab my red pen and start correcting.
  • Ryan Dancey, if you've been following this competition you'll have noticed that all of his commentary was clearly written by someone who has not paid any attention to what he has read. When you're the judge for a competition with such a big prize at least give each entry the time and attention it deserves, and don't have clear favourites.
  • PDA's, not only the kind where you see a couple making out, but the ones where your twitter and facebook news feeds are filled with messages of how in love they are with each other. Yay for your happiness, but those things should be said in private to each other, not through an electronic medium to everyone else.
I know that there is more going on in the world, and that I have a lot to be grateful for, but it's hard to remember that when you're irritated.

What's been inducing your rage?

Ps. If any of this offends you tough cookies.


  1. Tee hee.. I must be inducing some of your rage with my pda's :D

    But yeah, all of that combined can be really annoying.

    What makes me rage is when my temps cancel on me when their shifts start in like 5 hours and then I have to work their shift if no one else can :(

  2. :) Well the pda is pretty low on my list and something that I can ignore most of the time, it's just when I get annoyed that it gets onto the rage radar.

    Silly temps :-/

  3. People who eat noisily. I do NOT want to hear the food rolling around in your mouth. GROSS!


  4. Oooh, am with you on that one Julia. Just thinking about it gives me the shudders.


    You tell 'em Cassey.. I have your back :-)
    I agree with every single one of them.. its a brilliant list and I hope the evil doers read this and amend their ways ..

    But I doubt it.

    P.S. I coincidentally posted on of my MAJOR annoyances today..You may want to add it to your list ;)

  6. Great post, yes! :D Totally agree with private messages that should stay private in Facebook & Twitter!
    Also hate it when people don't reply! What happened to common courtesy?

  7. I love this post. Even if they are a size 36, then they are still small build. I hate it when people say they are fat but they aren't ... grrr

  8. @Briget read your post, and those people are beyond dumb. If only, people would amend there ways, sadly it's not happening :-/

    @Karen, agreed. I often think people who have those kinds of tweets/status updates are just trying to convince themselves that they do love the other person. I think common courtesy, along with common sense, is something very few people have left.

    @blackhuff thanks lady :) Congrats on hitting the 7 month mark of your healthy lifestyle :)

  9. Keep what is private private - I fully agree. And gosh, yes, have you noticed how many skinny girls diet?


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