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Monday, 31 January 2011

The weekend that was

  • Friday afternoon a bee stung me :(
  • Friday evening, a birthday dinner for a friend, sadly the food and service was terrible.
  • We also bought two books at the Exclusive Books summer sale, and picked up my new spectacles.
  • Saturday afternoon we gamed, it was supposed to be rpging, but we played Dominion and Battlestar instead :)
  • Saturday evening we went to a tweetup and meet some cool people that game :)
  • Later that evening, my left leg was swollen and hurting, a lot, for an unknown reason. It hurt so badly that it even woke me from my sleep. Although the strongest pain med I took was a panado, because I had wine.
  • Sunday we saw a great flat and just took it easy.
  • How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds fun :)

    Our weekend was exhausting! Surprise parties, cocktail evenings and kiddies birthdays! It was SOOO much fun though!

  2. It was fun :)
    Well done on pulling off the surprise party :)


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