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Monday, 10 January 2011

The weekend that was

The weekend past was a pretty good one. Friday we took it easy, well it was too hot to do much else really. Saturday morning, our neighbour - who happens to be a coffee judge, and hangs out with food critics - introduced us to a great Chinese food store and various great places to eat and get great coffee. We didn't eat at all the places, but she made sure we stopped there and took a look. It was so great that for my birthday - next Tuesday - we're going to go restaurant hopping for dinner :)

Saturday afternoon we ran some errands, including taking my phone in to be repaired. I'll not have a phone for the next 3 weeks :-/ The evening we went to Noelle's birthday braai. We gave her a Build-A-Bear voucher, and a jedi outfit for the bear once she builds him. I know that it seems more a present for a little person, but it's fun and cute and not something people tend to buy for themselves. The braai was fun.

Sunday we had brunch at one of the places pointed out to us on Saturday, and it was awesome. The rest of the day we took it pretty easy and played some Dominion :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Sucks about your phone... Don't know *how* we lived without them before!?!

  2. I know, I felt so disconnected since Saturday :-/ Did you have a good weekend?

  3. Weekend was chilled over at our house - end of the month salticrax and all that!

  4. Well with the crazy weather chilling is about all you can do :)


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