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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Catch up

So it's been awhile, but this time it's not because I've been lazy, blame the laptop. Our personal machine is busted, so I don't have access to a machine during the day. And when Jerall gets home there's all post-work stuff and suddenly it's bedtime. So that's why I've not really been online - well aside from the tweeting from my phone. Sadly we still haven't gotten a replacement machine, we're waiting on some things to fall into place, and there were some extra expenses for this month.

There's been some things going on and here they are summarised in short paragraphs :0

A bug flew into Jerall's ear, and he had to stay in hospital overnight. It was most freaky when it happened. The emergency doctor tried to get it out, but couldn't and so J had to stay overnight to see the ENT guy. At the time I was a super stressed out person, that said it's not hard for me to get stressed out I'm just one of those people who get stressed and anxious easily. J's is all good, just on a quest to get rid of all Christmas beetles.

I had an interview for a job with a daily in Cape Town. The test went well, I think. I found 20 errors, they said there were 15 - which I think could be seen as a bad thing. I think the headers and captions I came up with were good, now just to get some answer from them. There was some encouraging news last week, when they called for the number of my last employer - why they couldn't get it from my cv beats me - although it does mean that I have some sort of chance.

We started this "diet", well more just increased our veg and fruit intake; and got more into the many small meals habit. As a result I've lost just over 3kgs - at last check - and most of my jeans can just be taken off without undoing the zip or buttons :) The best part is that this has been over a 3 week period, so it's not that really quick, bad weight loss. Also because of the change in eating habits we've got the more exercise thing going well again :)

Along the weight loss lines, bro-in-laws wife [what do I call her, she's not my sis-in-law?] who had Noah at the end of August, is already in her pre-Noah clothes. Yay for her, but sucky for me. I've been trying to lose weight for easily a year now, and every week when my mother-in-law calls J she asks him If I've lost any weight. Yes, she does that...and the weekly phone calls are never to me, always him. OK this is turning into a bit of a rant...back to the catch up.

A friend got engaged and I get to plan her and her fiance's wedding :) This happened because I e-mailed them a list of the things you need to do for a wedding, and quite a few ideas that they could use to help them get their own ideas for what they wanted. So there is a small upside to being unemployed at the moment. Does anyone know of great Durban photographers? All the awesome people I know of are either in Jhb or CT.

In 3 weeks time we'll be going to CT for my sis-in-laws post wedding party. Yip, post wedding. She and her husband got married 10/10/10 super auspicious if you're Chinese, and it was just them, the officiant, the witness and photographer. To me that's not really a wedding, it's more of a special date. Yes, a wedding is about the couple, but there are people who are important to you/that you are important to that it's weird not to share it with them. I recognise that for a lot of people, myself included, this doesn't always include family, but it's no reason to exclude the family you chose. Your friends. Also we just sent them a card, they didn't give us a gift, so we're not giving them one. In fact the card is more than they did, they just signed the bro-in-law's card. Petty maybe, but why should I give someone who doesn't like me, or tried to get to know me a gift?

That's about it at the moment. I'll try to hijack Jerall's work machine over the weekend and get some more posts going then.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

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