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Monday, 2 August 2010

Rude people

Tonight was the culmination of a long standing irritation with where we live and our landlady's inability to deal with her son. Our landlady's son is fond of having spur of the moment braai's. This is a problem for us because our flat/cottage is in their backyard. So common courtesy dictates that we get warning, and we never do. We got home earlier this evening to find a spur of the moment braai going on. This put a damper in our plans to do laundry* for the trip; which our landlady knows about.

At about 21h00 the noise got so bad that I had to call our landlady to have words about it, I figure she'll be able to do something. Nothing happened. Then Jerall called her 20 minutes later and still nothing. So at 22h00 I go outside and tell them that they are grown enough to know that they are being rude and they need to go; we need to get up early and Jerall has a bigish presentation in the morning. Landlady's son proceeds to tell me that he has a LLM, and knows law and that we have no rights as tenants, that's right the law student says we have no rights and can't do anything. I go, do you have a job? then walk away. His friends then swear at me, nice group right?

After calming down I call his mom, and tell her this needs to be sorted out. Her son is rude and disrespectful and so are his friends. I said we don't want to move, but unless some common courtesy/respect is given to us we'll have to move. I also told her that given that he lives in her house, with her money he should show her respect by being decent towards us. It sucks for his parents that they're going to lose great tenants - we pay our rent early, don't have raucous parties/braai's or doing anything else tenants shouldn't. It also sucks for us, we're saving quite a bit living here, but not enough to put up with crap.

Her son is such a douche. I can't believe I let a boy upset me so much. He is a boy: 25/26 living at home off mom and dad, makes you a boy. All of my friends who completed their masters did so while having a job.

If you're in Durban and looking for a place let me know where, so I can give you a heads up about the problems you'll deal with while living at this place.

*I'm sure I've mentioned the battle in getting any line space to do your laundry here. It's an ongoing fight to get any done, so you've got to grab space when it's there.


  1. Sorry to hear about the drama you and your family have with the landlady's son. So terrible indeed. Good luck in getting a new place.

  2. Thanks. It turns out he held the braai because he got a job, which I think makes his behaviour worse.


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