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Thursday, 26 August 2010


First the excuses :p I've not blogged in awhile because of the trip, and then both Jerall and I got sick. The trip was pretty fun, I went to my first con - Dragonfire, which was really poorly organised. The modules I played in were fun, but they could have done so much more. For a full review go here. The best part of the trip was that everyday we played at least one board game :D H and L have an awesome board game collection. Other highlights include obviously watching Waiting for Godot, the dinners and all round fun times with friends. Also to stop feeling like a fuddie duddie [or is it fuddy duddy?] I got my third ear piercing, and now I want more :0

The downside of having such a great time in Cape Town is coming back to Durban. Added to that sad thought is that unless we get jobs we won't see CT till next year :-/ Those thoughts, and the sickness has lead to me feeling pretty blue. In other news I've finally booked my learners, my test is on the 13th of September. I'm nervous about it, I've not written any tests since 2007. I'm sure I'll get it, it's not exactly rocket science - que the Mitchell and Webb brain surgeon/rocket scientist sketch :)

Have a good Thursday


  1. Hi! It was great seeing you, and I hope you get a job real quick.

    Good luck with the learners, but I am sure you'll ace it. Just study!

  2. It was great seeing you too :) Yip, study for it I shall :0


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