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Friday, 30 July 2010


So I'm a "I'll tell you how I feel, wear my heart on my sleeve person",which you probably know by now ;) Lately I've been thinking that it might not be the best kind of person to be. It's just that most of the people I surround myself with aren't like that, and I battle to understand why if you're excited you wouldn't show it. Wait my real life friends are like that, but the people I know from the internets aren't. I digress, what I was getting to is that I'm getting better at reading those people - the ones who are hard to read - but that it still just seems off to me. I know that to them, my emotional nature seems off. This point I'm trying to make is just rambling on and running away from me :-/ Mostly I just wanted to say that I'm getting better at not wearing the same glasses to 'see' everyone.

In other news to avoid this baby fever that seems to be going around, I've decided to get a pet. I wish we could get a puppy, but we're just in too small a place right now to do it. So it looks like it'll be a kitten. I'm still not sure so feel free to add your 2 cents. Also I've become an aunty for the first time today. Our nephew is Noah Oliver, his parents missed that fact that his initials make the word not or to take into account that side of the family's habit to shorten names, so he'll more than likely be called No :-/ Anyhow it's exciting, we might even go to PE more often than every 2-3 years now :p And big congrats to SleepyJane who got engaged, yay for you and your J :)

This weekend is going to be busy, we're watching Inception tonight, braaing and gaming on Saturday, and doing lots of laundry :p I'm also working on a Women in Gaming post for NMP, and I plan to finish Dragon Age. Jerall finished it yesterday, so now he can't hog the Xbox anymore :0

Happy Friday.


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