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Monday, 19 July 2010

Taking action

I am a somewhat lazy person, but this is something I need to change. So from now on, I'm doing the 30 day thing to get into better habits, I'm going to be all about taking action. I realised that I tend to moan and groan about a lot of things, then I start changing it, but hardly ever follow through. I think it could be because I expect dramatic changes and instant results, no more ...small things all the way.

Starting with my weight. Yes, the pcos does make it harder to lose weight; yes, I'm eating well; yes, we walk to the shops, but clearly it's not enough. So starting from today I'll be doing something small about it. I'm going to talk a walk around the block, small and easy to do. I'm so tired of my non-driver status, it's got to change, but I can't seem to get a telephonic learner's booking to get the ball rolling, or book on a Saturday, so it'll have to happen on a weekday. If anyone knows of anyplace in Durban or Cape Town, where I could book on one day, and possible write on the same day or within a few days please let me know. I included Cape Town because we'll be there for about 10 days in August :) I dislike it intensely when someone shortens my name, very few people can get away with it - those who I've been good friends with for a long time get a pass. Next time someone does it, I will either shorten their name and/or ask them to stop. I'll no longer put off writing the letters to friends overseas, I'll even include friends in SA, it's nice to get post that isn't a bill.

I'm not sure who many of you guys game, but the Ennie nominations occurred recently, there are some people who should have been nominated but weren't which sucks. I digress, you vote for winners and after that you can vote for judges, of the 22 nominees only 3 are women. Not cool, there are so many awesome female gamers who are as passionate about the rpg hobby and it should be reflected. So to that light I'm going to expand my rpg horizons and maybe run next year, and find other great female gamers and get them to do the same.

I know it seems like a lot, and that I'm setting myself up to fail - I do tend to self sabotage - but I'm going to do my best to make it stick this time. I look at it this way, the more people I tell, the more people I have rooting for me and to answer too. I don't mean you guys will be my watchdogs, but it'll help me stick to things when I know that someone somewhere might wonder why I didn't do my best to treat myself well and follow through. Because that is what this is a way to be good to myself.

Have a great rest of your Monday.

Ps. I will blog at least twice a week too :)


  1. I'm guilty of the name shortening thing. Sorry, it's a bad habit. I do it to everyone. I'll support your mission by not shortening your name anymore. :)

  2. Ah lady, it's ok, you're allowed to. It just gets my goat when people I don't know decide they can call me Cas.

  3. good luck on getting your licence sorted!


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