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Thursday, 8 July 2010

A bushel of thoughts

I know, odd title, but I just couldn't really think of anything else. Also it feels like we tend to stick to using the same words all the time, so from now on I'm going to try to use those I don't use all that often. I was going to go with barrage of thoughts, but that felt a bit antagonistic; or is it just me? Anyhow the point was that there are a lot of random thoughts going into this post, and now you know.

First there was the weekend; which did have the bright spots I mentioned, but it also had some dull spots like Jerall being all silly guy like. The upshot of the silly guy moment is that we now have a better than tentative plan for moving, which help more than the "let's just move plan". Monday was a surprisingly busy work day, which is better than the alternative. Tuesday though was not so good, and those of you who follow me on twitter would have heard about it, but for those who don't here goes.

So Jerall has had leave issues since last year June, he naturally told them then that something was wrong to which they respond, but didn't sort out. The him sending e-mails about it and them not doing anything carried on till last month, and it only ending because one of the HR team noticed that her leave was wrong. HR then sends out a mail saying "we've noticed a problem with leave calculations and will fix it." It's at this point that J lays a formal complaint with management,along the lines of "I told you about this and you did nothing." There were lots of mails going back and forth, which results in the HR team and the Operations Manager talking crap about him loudly. For those who've forgotten, I'm now working there on a short term basis.

The talking crap about people has been going on for as long as I've been
here, but it really got to me on Tuesday. So I went to the manager and said that I would appreciate it if they didn't talk crap about my husband and other people. She, of course, denied that it was malicious and they were just saying stuff, which is utter bull. I told her, people don't just say stuff, and that it was malicious which she denied; only she then went on and asked me to not tell anyone what I hear, that proves that she knows they were in wrong, but couldn't be bothered to act like decent people. The upside of me going to talk to her about it was that I realised something; if anyone talks crap about people I care about, my first reaction is anger and to set them straight, but I don't do it for myself, I just get hurt and let it go. So I should treat myself at least as well as I treat my friends, so that's what I'll be doing from now on.

In other random news I've decided to not drink any caffeine drinks for a month. I don't drink much coffee already, and I'd really like to ditch soft drinks, so I figure if I can get it right for a month, it should stick. That's also going to be my go-to plan for trying something new, or changing my routines, hopefully it'll work.

Also a blogger I've been following just deleted her blog, and isn't on twitter anymore, which sucks, but I figure she has her reasons. Another blogger I follow is having her baby tomorrow, yay [I'll add the hyperlinks later, I'm typing this in notepad to do a quick put up of posts while at work], and another awesome blogger lady is pregnant. Both sets of news are bigger yays than normal because both these ladies had some tough times with the baby business, so double yay.

Have a great rest of your Thursday.


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