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Sunday, 6 June 2010

An update

I've had an interesting week this week. Monday I finally created an alphabetical list of the books we own, this meant unpacking and repacking them from their storage boxes - one day we'll have bookshelves *sigh*. Tuesday was the usual battle of avoiding and doing chores, but Wednesday...that was different. Wednesday morning I got a phone call offering me a month long job, with the option of it turning into something more permanent. Sadly it wasn't the Random House job, but the one in Durban. I took it, it's only a month and having some cash would be good. The kicker I had to start on Thursday, yip the next day.

I've not been in an office for almost 9 months and in those 9 months my work pants and I have become bitter enemies. Naturally this meant looking for new work pants...and I'm now convinced that the pants fairies hate me. I've been looking for a decent pair since Wednesday, and have tried all the stores and nothing :-/ On the plus side the office is very informal, people wear shorts to work. Only I don't roll that way, and I like looking and feeling like I'm going to work. So until I find some work pants it'll be dark jeans and fitted shirts.

Back to the week retelling, Thursday and Friday was office. I'm sadly without my own machine, am using the PA's who's on sick leave and dumb enough to leave all her passwords with three people, yip three. It seems silly that I had to start right away, but when I get there they're unprepared for me, it was awhile till I had something to do. Also I have some very specific tasks, but they don't have all the resources I need to complete them :-/ On the plus side, it is great to leave the home and talk to people in person and not through the net.

The weekend was a chore filled one :-/ We did manage to watch Prince of Persia and try a new Greek restaurant, not returning to that restaurant though. Something awesome about the chore situation is that it's not just me doing them anymore :) With Jerall going to work and me being home, it made sense that I did all of them...except supper dishes, but now we split them :) Re the supper dishes, our rule is if you cooked you don't do them.

How was your weekend?


  1. *Yay* you got a job! Does that mean you are staying in Durbs for a while longer?

  2. Yip we'll be in Durban for awhile longer, not sure how long though.

  3. Oooh I so want to watch Prince of Persia - how was it? Usually video games made into movies suck a little. :/

  4. I enjoyed it. It made me rethink the way I play rogues :)


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