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Monday, 31 May 2010

The weekend

I've decided to do these posts about the weekend past in 1 paragraph, it might be tricky this week, but here goes. Friday evening was the Durban 27 Dinner, different crowd from the last time, but thoroughly fun. Saturday we had our traditional Wimpy breakfast :) Then Saturday later afternoon we went to friend P's house to play boardgames, braai and watch the rugby. It's been a long while since I've watched a game from start to finish, mostly because we're not big into sports. Although I think most South Africans know a bit and watch a bit of the three big sports: cricket, rugby and soccer. Sadly we only played one game of Dominion, 30 Seconds and didn't get to play BattlestarGalatica , even though P has the expansion now :-/ Sunday saw us watching season 2 of Battlestar, we played the boardgame for ages before we actually watched the show :0 Lunch was at the local seafood restaurant, yummy prawns :) And that was about it. How was yours?


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