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Monday, 17 May 2010

The weekend

For the most part our weekend was chilled out, yours? Except for Friday. The property we're on has 4 families - landlady and 3 renters - and 7 cars on the inside parking. Yip 7 cars, although 4 belong to the landlady, her husband and 2 grown children - 26 and 31 - who still live at home. So parking is pretty tight. However one of our neighbours believes she's special and always, always has her friends park behind her, which means we always need to ask them to move their cars. That bugs me soo much, they shouldn't even park on the property. But on Friday she went out with friends in another car, and still had someone parked behind her :-/ It took us forever to get out. I left her a rather nasty voicemail, haven't seen her yet, but I'm looking forward to having words with her. She's the same cow who leaves her laundry on the shared line for 3 days in a row.

Friday evening wasn't all bad though. We played glow-in-the-dark putt putt with some peeps, then we went bowling. I bowled my first ever strike :D We'll I got 2 strikes, but promptly followed it up by having the worse score, oh well. Saturday was coffee with friend L, who shared some big news with me...she's in love :) It might not seem like big news to you guys, but it is big for her.

Hope you had a good weekend.


  1. Communal living is not great. Even if you only share the drive way / washing line. I lived in digs for a couple of years and landed up hating all my house mates.

  2. That's why we're going to move soon, just need another month of the cheaper rent to get things sorted.


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