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Friday, 21 May 2010

Random thoughts

Yesterday my little sister turned 18. The strange thing about it was that it made me feel old. I didn't feel old when I turned 25, but her turning 18 got the "I'm getting old" ball rolling. I think it's got more to do with what I wanted to achieve by this age when I was 18. I was supposed to have my licence by now and working on my PhD, alas none of those are on the cards as yet :-/

Much as the I'm getting older thought freaked me out, it also sparked a chat with Jerall. We're fortunate enough that his salary covers all our expenses with a little bit for treats and minuscule savings. So when I get a job most of it will go into savings to buy a house/loft apartment, furniture - we rent fully furnished places, investments, treats and the holiday fund. So maybe getting older isn't that bad :)

I blame BBC Lifestyle for this one. I've decided we need to go on a food tour of France, Italy and Spain. Yes, there's tons of other really cool stuff to do in those countries, but all I really want to do is go to all the little towns and eat their food. So when I get a job a large chunk of it will go into the holiday fund.

Speaking of holidays, I'm trying to arrange a get together for a long weekend away with friends. So far the Northern Cape looks good for places that most of us haven't been to. Now to just get consensus.

Tomorrow we game :D

Have a great weekend. :)


  1. have a great weekend too xx

  2. I know the feeling. I had a bit of a panic attack when I turned 26 this year - I have always planned on having finished my PhD and had a kid by 30 now with just four year to go I can't get my damn PhD funded and there are no baby plans on the horizon. Eek.

  3. Oh and have a fab weekend :)

  4. Kristen, yay you for finishing the M, mine is still a work in progress...with a possible move to a new institution on the cards. Baby plans come and go, mostly I'm just going with the flow of getting my health sorted for now. Thanks enjoy yours too :)


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