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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A post in which I vent about the unfairness of it all

Sometimes life can just suck, well more like parts of it, but it still sucks. So one of my biggest frustrations right now is my weight. I figured once we knew what was behind the sudden and constant gain it would be sorted out, but it's not. The worst is I didn't eat myself into a state of 18kg's overweight - well 18kg's over the ideal weight for my shortness - so I was hoping that you know maybe just as I'd magical gained it, it would leave, but no. I have to do all this hard work to get rid of it, which just plain sucks. I didn't get to overindulge and enjoy getting to this horrid chubby-stick-out-tummy where people look at me and ask if I'm in my first trimester - which is just mean.

Then we've got the horrid job hunt. There is only so much rejection you can take without feeling like a failure. And I swear sometimes Jerall being all nice and understanding about it makes it worse. The worst is that while I've got all this going on, that seem like these huge, insurmountable issues going on, I've friends/people I know going through shit storms. Which of course makes me feel worse for being so petty, worrying about a job when friend D faces death every day and spent 10 minutes staring at someone he had to kill - he's in the British army; or that friend P's family is going through the crappiest financial shit every. So yeah...things are just unfair.


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