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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I've been thinking

One thing being jobless does is give you lots of time to think and I suppose to do all those other things you never get done because you don't have time. This is my problem, I have lots of time to you know, work on my thesis, get the whole licence thing sorted, get exercising, learn another language, get involved with charity and read. Save for the reading, I just haven't gotten to really getting any of those other things done.

So I've been thinking about why nothing is really getting done, and I figured it out. The exercising is because I'm lazy and the licence is because I'm holding onto the hope that we'll move back to Cape Town soon. The rest of it, well all of it actually, is because I'm a person who only really gets things done, and done well when I'm very busy. Being very busy stops me from procrastinating - I'm pretty good at leaving things for the last minute - or rather just buckling down and getting things done.

Looking back I'm surprised that I didn't realise this earlier. I've always preformed my best academically when I was busy. During matric I was a: prefect, chair of a committee, vice chair of another, member of CU, part of the team that helped the school librarian, choir member, part of the debating team and had one sport per term, I did really well then re-earning academic colours that I last had at the end of standard eight. My Honours year, I had 4 part time jobs to cover my expenses - tutoring, department assistant, marker for another department and on the weekends I worked at a book store - and I was the chair of the English Society; again I did really well. Then the best I performed at my old job was when we had a massive deadline where we all were working overtime and I was working on my thesis, having driving lessons, going to gym and planning our wedding.

So to me this pretty much means I need to either form new habits or wait till I have a job to get things done. I suppose both would work, but it's hard to form new habits. Or just find some other external stimuli....hmmm. Can anyone relate to this, or am I just odd in that respect?


  1. My boss always says "if you need something done, ask a busy person".

  2. I used to be the same. It took quite a mind shift to get over it. I'm glad I did, though. I feel less guilty when I get around to things. Damn my chauvinist roots!

  3. Thanks for showing it can be done :)


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