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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Decisions, decisions

Why is it that something that should be relatively easy isn't? As you know I've been on the job hunt patrol for awhile, fortunately things have started to look good. I have an interview next week for a job where I'll pick up an entirely new set of skills. It's nowhere near anything I've ever thought of doing before, but it is a great opportunity to finally start making some money again. Bad side, we'll be in Durban for at least another year. Good side, if I get this job, after being there for a month or so we could afford for Jerall to take a month's unpaid leave to work on his thesis. So this job in Durban has been part of the rough plan for a bit and then yesterday happens.

Yesterday I received an e-mail informing me that I've been shortlisted for this amazing job. Amazing is an understatement, I'd be an editor at a large publishing house :D Attached to the e-mail was one very scary editing test, unlike any editing test I've done before. The problem is that this process is a long one, the test must only be submitted by the end of day on the 14th, by which time I will have had the Durban interview. Naturally I will go as far as I can in both processes, but now the over thinking is happening. What happens if I get offered the Durban job, rather a job in hand, or do I go for the dream? I say dream because the editing job isn't just in line with my skills, but it'll also mean moving back to Cape Town :)

Back to the hear and now, what should I wear to my interview next week? It's a fairly informal company so I think a suit might be a bit much, would a black dress be ok? The dress isn't a mini nor does it expose tons of cleavage. Thoughts?


  1. as for interview clothing - wear something that makes you feel comfortable. something that you can stand AND sit in, comfortably.

    as for which job to pursue - the one that gives you the biggest butterflies, is my advice.

    editor at large? sounds effing cool to me!

  2. you're right, the more comfortable i am the easier it'll be :)

    the job, the company....it is soooo cool, here's hoping i get it


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