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Friday, 23 April 2010


On Sunday Jerall and I will be married for a year :) It was an awesome day filled with laughter and love, cliched I know, but true...it was really tricky for Nielen to get any pics of us not laughing or kissing.

Here are some of my favourite pics, Nielen has some more on her blog. And if you love her work and want to get hold of her try her Facebook page.

Happy anniversary love.


  1. Happy anniversary, your wedding day looked magical!!

  2. Wow Cass.....

    Happy Anniversary.... May you and J always be happy, content and madly in love like your wedding day...

    Lovely pictures....

  3. You both looked so great!! Happy anniversary to you guys.

  4. happy anniversary!

    i hope i have loads of awesome wedding pics like that one day xx

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone :)

    @ExMi I think that awesome pics are in your future :)

  6. I love your dress. Just beautiful.

    Happy anniversary

  7. Thanks Wenchy :) The dress was made a month before the wedding :0


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