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Friday, 30 April 2010

Catching up and 02/05

So I've slipped back into that habit of blogging once a week :-/ Soon I'll get it right to blog more often. So the anniversary weekend got off to a bad start, Jerall missed his flight from Jhb to Dbn due to a pile-up, so he and his work colleague drove down on Saturday. On Saturday we watched Kick Ass, it's soooo cool, check out this review. Sunday was prezzie day :p Jerall got me Lips and a surprise trip to a spa for a hot stone full body massage, head and should and knee to foot massages. My gifts to him seem not as cool in comparison, but he did like them. Not having much cash did hamper my options a bit. I made him an apple crumble and tons of love vouchers. The one voucher I can share with you is for washing the dishes. J always tends to do them, as our rule is if you cooked you don't do them.

If you're wondering about the pic it's because it's Jerall's birthday on Sunday. Yes, we did get married a week before his birthday. We picked the date because of the spat of public holidays, it meant the most time off with the least amount of leave taken. I meant to put up a pic of just him, but alas we don't have any :-/ I'll try to rectify it at some point, but as both of us aren't photo people it'll be hard. For his birthday we're doing what we always do, I love traditions :) A bunch of friends and us are watching Iron Man 2 and having sushi for dinner. At first J's birthday tradition was friends and us having a sushi dinner, but ever since comic based movies started coming out close to his birthday it's been movie and sushi.

That's about it for now, have a great weekend.

Friday, 23 April 2010


On Sunday Jerall and I will be married for a year :) It was an awesome day filled with laughter and love, cliched I know, but true...it was really tricky for Nielen to get any pics of us not laughing or kissing.

Here are some of my favourite pics, Nielen has some more on her blog. And if you love her work and want to get hold of her try her Facebook page.

Happy anniversary love.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Win some kick-ass stuff in the Monster MashUp Contest

Nevermet Press is running a great competition, you can win custom made dice, pdf's and an autographed copy of Open Game Table Vol 1. All you have to do is enter here and by writing a 300 word, or less, description or back story about the big guy above. So check it out.

Monday, 19 April 2010

When ninja monkeys attack

This morning the yard was filled with monkeys. They were acting all crazy and climbing everything, like monkeys do. They even started to climb through the gates to get into the cottage, but some shouting of "oye" got them out. They've since disappeared, but one can never be sure because as phazen pointed out, they could be ninja monkeys.

In other news, this week I'll work on doing more than one post :0 Also the awesome image is thanks to this person.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

There's way too much time, and too little

I'm the worst self motivator in the world. Case in point I have a pretty long to-do list, but because the it needs to be done by date keeps on shifting, nothing gets done. The list includes:
*booking my learner's test, but I keep on putting it off because of the long waiting period and the fact that we might move
*getting more exercise, which I put off cos I have no one to do it with
*doing more with the online projects I'm involved with, this I put off because I feel I have nothing to contribute to them
*starting to learn another language - blame the funk
*work on my thesis - blame the funk
*sort out my "blogs i read list" aka blog roll - blame the funk

I've just been in this weird funk, and with no one to talk to about it face to face and say "Cassey, stop being silly" it's just hanging around getting in the way of me doing things. I hate that I'm becoming such a grumpy person when honestly, although things seem kinda crappy to me, I know that it isn't as bad as it is in my mind.

Sometimes I wonder if leaving that crappy-ass, stress myself sick job was the best move, but then I remember if I hadn't done that I wouldn't have been able to go with J to Jhb for the last few months of last year. Also that if I was still there I'd probably be sick as hell. Sounds like an exaggeration, but it isn't. I'm a worry wort of note, I get anxious easily all of which leads to stressing out about sometimes the silliest things. When I was at the horrid job I had eczema, a weird scalp thing that wasn't just on my scalp, but on my face too and the worst chest pains, which I was assured is all cos of stressing. I digress,I know that I sometimes miss the job because of some of the people there were great and it was an everyday social experience; something I really miss. Sometimes I'll go days in a room and not see a single soul I know, and for me it's pretty tough because I'm a social person.

The worst is whenever I think things are finally sorted, like after a promising job interview or us deciding we're just going to move back to CT by x date, something happens to change it. And the funk starts all over again. Then there's also realising that a really good friendship is over and working at not giving into the anger and calling her a b*tch via e-mail/sms/phone or her facebook wall. Seriously that part sucked, but in the process of not wasting my energy on things I can't change she's gotten off lucky.

Apologies for the downer post, tomorrow I shall be cheerful.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Catching up

Hey....yes, I know I'm the worst blogger ever :-/ Although I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who just has those lazy/can't be bothered to do anything phases.

So about that long easter weekend. Hmm it went so-so.
Bad parts:
*FIL spending the entire weekend critique my eating and activity habits - I told him to check out the fridge and cupboards...no junk/bad foods there and the only snack we keep is yoghurt.
*MIL getting upset that I told the extended family that us having kids is going to be tough in response to their "So when are you guys having a baby."
*Having FIL trying to convince us that E and his wife are very poor, that's why they live in a granny cottage parents built for them and why he's going to buy them a car - it's crazy if you ask me J made payments on his car while still a student with a part time job, so surely the 2 of them can make car payments.
*SIL being all huffy about having to stay at our place on Thursday and Sunday evening - although her dad is a pain, so can't blame her. *
*Needing to eat out all the time because the in-laws didn't want my cooking - on the other hand it did help pass time when it was just them and us...so maybe not that bad.
*No yum cha, which means no dim sum :(

The good parts:
*The extended family - seriously they be good people's who are easy to talk too...and they make you feel like you're family.
*The food - ok so there was no bao/dim sum/char siu - but there was a lot of tasty food had over the weekend and some kick-ass deserts.
*My SIL and I actually getting along/no weird awkwardness, J thinks it has something to do with suffering through the experience of his dad.
*It passing pretty quickly.

So that was the long weekend, as for the rest of the stuff it's pretty much been the same as usual. You know the never ending job search and plans to move back to Cape Town. Wait, it's not just been the same...we've been talking more and more about moving back to CT and starting our own business, well our own friendly local game store. So it's become my job to do the research involved so that we can be sure we're making the right choice. So an adventure is starting :) Also in 13 days time we'll be married for a year :) So being married for a year is all fun and exciting, but we've also been together for over 6 years...so it feels odd too. Oh yes, the med taking has gotten better too...it does seem that part of the problem was that in order to get 250mg I had to break a 500mg tablet, and that breaking it lead to faster absorbtion. Even though I'm on 500mg now, it's much better. Yay :)

I figure you're all caught up now :)

*Seriously no one in the family seems to like my FIL, so I don't feel bad about him not liking me...most of the time.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Why this long weekend might suck

*Warning this is a long post/rant.

So for this long weekend we're in Jhb and my in-laws are staying with us :( The flat J's company rents for him for this project is a 2 bed-and-bath-room flat, so instead of staying at the Pta house with a car available for them they've decided to stay with us. This could be taken as a sign that perhaps I'm wrong in believing they don't like me, but there's no way it's true. I don't blame them for not wanting to stay at the Pta house, it's where J's grandfather died.

The thing is if we were just seeing J's extended family this weekend, it'd be good...the Jhb family are good people's who are easy to talk to and listen to what I have to say. His immediate family really don't like me because: "I try to hard to be liked" as told to me by my brother-in-law and I'm coloured - as told to J by his dad. Seriously, I can't do anything about wanting my in-laws to like me, it makes life easier and as far as my race goes tough. It just sucks that I have to spend time with people who I know don't think I'm good enough for their son and family. They're also rather tactless, when talking to his mom about my pcos news and how it'd be tougher for us to have kids she can't wait to tell me that my brother-in-law and his wife are having a boy, that just sucked. And this after she phoned J asking him if we were having kids cos E and his wife said they don't want to have any - guess that plan is off now.

I know that this sounds like I'm making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but you trying knowing that someone doesn't think you're good enough for 6 years. Yes, I know that all that should matter is that J loves me and he chose to be with me, but with my family issues it'd be nice to have some family that I didn't have issues with.

The weekend is off to a bad start already: in order to avoid a vegetarian meal my father-in-law has arranged for us to have dinner with one of the aunts, J's sister C waited till last night - she arrives tonight - to arrange for a pick up from the airport and somewhere to stay. As yet, she doesn't have somewhere to stay and guess who has to go to the airport at 22h00 to go pick her up?

Oh well, there's not much I can do about anything. All I can do is hope that my father-in-law doesn't say something *stupid again and that I manage to keep my mouth shut. Bright spot for the weekend, we'll be seeing friend K on Monday afternoon. :)

*He delights in telling me I've gotten fat every time he sees me.

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