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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Today, was not a good day

As you guys know, I saw my gp a few weeks ago about the craziness that is my body, and that there were a few things he mentioned that could be a the root of my problem. The results of the blood tests he ran were normal and he said I should go see a gynaecologist and rule out polycystic ovary syndrome. Today was appointment day and it started badly, as the doc was running over half an hour late.

Because this was my first check with a gynacologist and not a female gp - who I normally see for a pap smear - I didn't know you had to get all nekid, and then she checked my boobs too....strange. Did a pap smear, couldn't get a proper sample, so i'll have to do that again soon :-/ The scan was odd, I swear she put a condom over this thing that she stuck in my bits and took a look around. Found out 2 things: I have polystic ovary syndrome and I also have a tipped uterus, according to her 1 in 5 women have a tipped uterus.

The tipped uterus won't be a problem when it comes to having children, but the polycystic ovary syndrome will impact on it. Meanwhile, being on the pill helps and she says i'm on a good one. I also have to see her in 3 weeks time, when I've been on the meds for 3 weeks and she'll do another scan and chat to me some more, because she was running late I didn't really get to do lots of questions. She is also running 6 or 7 blood tests, most of them are for hormones. The med regime is crazy, high doeses twice daily for 12 weeks....there after i'm not sure, but it looks like the meds will carry on. She is also pushing healthy diet and exercise, got the diet part down pat, but now to get exercise.


  1. Hey Cassey...

    Glad things are ok....

  2. blue, you're right...it's not the best, but at least it's not the worst it could be


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