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Friday, 19 March 2010

My not so secret love affair

Relax, I'm not up to any funny business I'm just talking about our neighbours little girl :) I recently tweeted that I'm a terrible blogger and it's all because of Maddie. She is such the cutest little person and I go visit her and her mom every day. I also get to do the occasionally spot of babysitting. It is just amazing how much babies grow and change in a matter of days. Just last week she was content to do a little looking around, but this week she's alert and looking at everything and making her feelings none. When she first got back from the hospital with her mom you couldn't hear a peep, now if she feels that she's not getting enough attention she lets you know. I know this might come across as if I'm a little broody, but I'm not. I'm just enjoying having someone to give some affection to, with J gone during the week, it's nice having someone to hug.

My poor husband and friends, I tend to mention her in most conversations, it's even gotten to the point that J asks if I've seen her today and what happened :o Although this could just be a sign that I've been unemployed for way to long and need to get out of the house more often...which I'm working on. I figure if no one wants to hire me just yet, the least I can do is something for others, so I'll be signing up with Rotary or Round Table, whichever has things going on in my area.

Anyway it's the long weekend, so enjoy yours.


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