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Monday, 15 March 2010

It's been a few days of bad ideas

Sometimes I amaze myself with the number of bad ideas I can have in the space of a few days. And so because I lead a fairly boring life all I have for blog fodder are said bad ideas.

  • Waiting till I felt extra hungry to start making supper - the dish I knew I'd land up making also takes about 40 minutes to make, so I really should have started making it sooner.
  • Watching cooking shows where the chef's are making really amazing, yummy looking meat dishes. That did not help my meat centred thoughts at all.
  • Not eating enough for breakfast. On the surface this doesn't seem like that bad of an idea, but it turns out that the meds I'm taking need more than some breakfast, they need a fairly substantial one...not eating enough leads to all manner of yuckiness.
  • Taking a mid range walk at mid day to get some groceries and library books, the walk back was horrid.
Four bad ideas in 4 days is silly, but I did have one good idea on one of those days. A close friend is having major problems, I spread the word that there was trouble amongst the circle and although we can't solve the problems he knows we're all there to help in any way we can. I know that it goes without saying, but it's good for friends to hear it too.


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