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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Too much information is bad

So, I've been all lax with the blogging again, but in my defence a lot has been going on. The good stuff is i psyched myself up enough to apply for my dream job, and i don't use the phrase lightly...here's hoping it goes well. Not so good stuff, has been well not so good.

Mostly J going to Jhb every Monday and coming back every Friday has just wrecked havoc with all thoughts of any good sleep. The weekend just isn't long enough to make up the deficit, but at least for the next 2 weeks starting Monday I'll be in Jhb too :) Then to add to the trouble sleeping problem, last Friday early morning bout 4ish...our neighbour is at our door telling me to call the police cos she'd been burgled. So we live in a cottage in our landlady's backyard and there is another one next to ours, but when you look at the cottages you'd think it's one place. Thus you now have a pretty freaked out me, that hears all sorts of sounds during the night and can't fall asleep. Just knowing that this person got past the security on the property and the security in her cottage...has my over active imagination going crazy.

Another reason why too much information is bad for you is due to my visit to my doctor on Tuesday. Firstly, i love my gp...he took me seriously when i said what was going on with my body and that the visit had mostly been prompted by the feeling of offness. He then told me what he thought it could be, and he had 4 options...drew some blood and now I'm waiting for the results. I did, what i think anyone would do...google for info on the stuff you don't know. And now I wish I hadn't...because all though all options are manageable/treatable with meds, there's one that just freaks me out.

So things have been rather interesting of late. I've also found out that my in-laws are spending easter with us...and staying with us too :( Excuse me while I go freak out about it in the corner over there.


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