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Monday, 22 February 2010

One down, five to go

So I decided to go vegetarian for lent. This first few days have gone well, but then again I haven't been challenged. I thought that this weekend would be tricky, as on the weekend we - like most people - are busy and get lazy about cooking so we do take-aways. Fortunately, it went well...when we went to our friend and gamed we just took some easy to put together and eat stuff to avoid the take-aways problem. Here's to hoping that the rest of lent goes well, and that I don't miss sushi too much :o


  1. been a semi-veg for nearly half my life (crikey - that makes me old since it started when i was 14)and if it gets tough check out "Fry's vegetarian products". they'll be in the freezer section of any spar or PnP. So yum - esp the schnitzels! good luck :)

  2. Thanks for the thought, but i'm not a fan of Fry's.


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