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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Random update

It's amazing how quickly you get used to things. I was chatting with friend L and somewhere along the way I mentioned yay only 36 hours till J gets home. It's insane how quickly I got used to his crazy work routine and how it just seems normal. Well I'm not quite used to it because every evening presents a sleep challenge that just disappears when his back.

The interview was interesting, the person I spoke to was very friendly and interested in what I had to say. An added bonus the job is darn interesting and won't have me doing the same type of work everyday, all the time :) It'll be interesting to see how we'll make it work, as they need someone to start asap. Oh, well will get to that bridge when/if it happens.

Hmm I really need to do more/read more, my posts of late have been lacking in the funny and super interesting, will work on that. :o

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


So tomorrow morning I have a telephonic job interview, and the nerves are starting to creep in. I figure that most of them have to do with the fact that because this is telephonic I'm missing out on all the body language to help me. I'm doing some prep, getting my questions ready and checking out info on the company...hopefully it helps.

In other news J and I are going to the Durban 27 dinner...and I'm left wondering what does wear to those? Silly, I know, but still you don't wanna look out of place. Any ideas?

Monday, 22 February 2010

One down, five to go

So I decided to go vegetarian for lent. This first few days have gone well, but then again I haven't been challenged. I thought that this weekend would be tricky, as on the weekend we - like most people - are busy and get lazy about cooking so we do take-aways. Fortunately, it went well...when we went to our friend and gamed we just took some easy to put together and eat stuff to avoid the take-aways problem. Here's to hoping that the rest of lent goes well, and that I don't miss sushi too much :o

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A little rant

This is me in a friendship: I remember important dates/events, do random phone calls/sms/e-mails/skype/google chats/visits, know your family and do my best to be there for you when you need it. The thing is I really don't mind being the person that makes things happen, but friendship, like all other relationships, is a careful balance of giving and taking. And just once I'd like to be the taker. I just can't always be the one that puts in the work and effort, why can't you visit me for once? Why do I needs to instigate the talks about visits?

We've been in the same city for 5 months since you got back from overseas, how hard is it to see me? Seriously, if you don't want to see me, tell me. I can handle it, I'm not fragile and quite frankly I'd prefer knowing now if I need to stop communicating with you and inviting you to things.

Clearly this is directed towards one particular person, and I'm just over it. More than that I'm over all the other 'friendships' I have going on where I need to do the work and have nothing sent in my direction.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Friday, 12 February 2010

Going dancing...

Last night we went out for dinner with J's work colleagues/friends and after dinner we were supposed to go dancing. Dinner was fun, but I've now learnt don't trust people 5+ years older than you when they say "we're going dancing" because their idea of dancing is going to another restaurant/pub-like place that has a large bar and a pseudo area to dance. So no dancing was had :(, which really sucks as I was really looking forward to dancing. At least some of the music was ok :)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

More meme for you

This is a meme from this lady, who got it from here.

If I could I would move to Cape Town, now.

In my kitchen cupboard I have 3 different types of tea, and 2 different types of coffee.

On my desk is nothing...because I don't have one :p

Image in my head nothing because I'm busy doing something.

In the middle of my to-do list which one? Daily, monthly?

I am dreading starting the process of getting my license all over again.

Right now I want to having tea with friends.

I think that people have forgotten what it's like to have basic manners.

Going to twitter often is becoming a bad habit of mine. :p

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Things I've learnt this week

The idea of doing a round-up of what I've learnt came from here, this isn't a list of 10 things though.
  • I've learnt that short hair suits me.
  • That according to other people's standards I befriend, trust and want to help people too soon into the process of the friendship relationship.
  • That some of my extended family are twisted, well more like mean and small minded.
  • That not having much to do turns me into an irritable person.
Hmmm that's pretty much it, now to go with it and make use of what I've learnt.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Too much information is bad

So, I've been all lax with the blogging again, but in my defence a lot has been going on. The good stuff is i psyched myself up enough to apply for my dream job, and i don't use the phrase lightly...here's hoping it goes well. Not so good stuff, has been well not so good.

Mostly J going to Jhb every Monday and coming back every Friday has just wrecked havoc with all thoughts of any good sleep. The weekend just isn't long enough to make up the deficit, but at least for the next 2 weeks starting Monday I'll be in Jhb too :) Then to add to the trouble sleeping problem, last Friday early morning bout 4ish...our neighbour is at our door telling me to call the police cos she'd been burgled. So we live in a cottage in our landlady's backyard and there is another one next to ours, but when you look at the cottages you'd think it's one place. Thus you now have a pretty freaked out me, that hears all sorts of sounds during the night and can't fall asleep. Just knowing that this person got past the security on the property and the security in her cottage...has my over active imagination going crazy.

Another reason why too much information is bad for you is due to my visit to my doctor on Tuesday. Firstly, i love my gp...he took me seriously when i said what was going on with my body and that the visit had mostly been prompted by the feeling of offness. He then told me what he thought it could be, and he had 4 options...drew some blood and now I'm waiting for the results. I did, what i think anyone would do...google for info on the stuff you don't know. And now I wish I hadn't...because all though all options are manageable/treatable with meds, there's one that just freaks me out.

So things have been rather interesting of late. I've also found out that my in-laws are spending easter with us...and staying with us too :( Excuse me while I go freak out about it in the corner over there.

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