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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

You'd think...

You'd think that being at home would mean that i'd be all healthy like...but no, it's not true.
You'd think that being at home would mean time to finish things that i want to/need to get done, but nope that's not happening either there just seems to be less time now than when i was working full time.
All of this has lead me to believe that in order to get all healthy and close to some form of non blob like looking, and to get things done i need to be working full time and not attempting this freelance thing. Gah. I've grown rather attached to this not being stressed out thing...oh well such is the cookie.


  1. Ugh - I feel you on the healthy thing. I was off work for almost a month (annual leave) and I was sick for most of it. TOTALLY sucks.

  2. Yay a comment :) Gah, that sounds like it sucked a lot...hope you're all better now.


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