Tuesday, October 6, 2015

For a moment there I forgot something important

That this is my space, so I can do what I like with it.

I'm someone who enjoys structure and routine. Tell me the way to follow something and I will, until I make it my own. So even though I'm not a fancy pants blogger there are some rules I've followed. The one most pertinent her is the one where you post a new part of a series once a week.

There's been the TED Thursdays, Word Wednesdays and Five for Friday. And for the most part it's worked. I've enjoyed, and it's allowed me to take full advantage of must get all the blog posts done moments. But right now, it's not working for me. And I love why it's not working.

I rather nervously asked some folks to take part in my friends in my computer thing, as a way to help me complete Quest 500. And the yes responses, and the answers to the questions have just made me feel all warm and fluffy.

As some friends pointed out, I wouldn't get to call these folks my friends in my computer if they said no. They're right. But you try convincing the insecure I'm a weirdo side of myself to not freak out every time I got a yes. Not happening.

Long story short, I am feeling all the warm and fluffy from know such great people that I figured why do one a week. This is my space, I do what I like with it.

And as such expect one of those for every day I have an answer for. Well except weekends, I figure this are great my 10 minutes to myself in the morning - or tea time or lunch time or whenever you read - reads. 

There will be other posts. After all I'm on Quest 500, but they'll happen when they happen. Some days might have two posts or more, others none. But there will be posts happening.

Things they don't tell you in the "So you've decided to have kids" brochure

That your social life gives way to theirs. There's a pinotage day happening this Saturday, but we can't go because of kiddie birthday parties.

The sick cycle is real. It all starts with an innocent little sniffle, that as it moves from family member to family member it becomes less innocent. And once the sniffle has done it's rounds, there.is.something.new.

There will be a new family head. And it won't be the person/s making the bucks.

You will question, and requestion every decision you make for your kid...forever.

That your little person will be responsible for breaking your heart into a million little pieces, and then rebuilding it.

A well timed hug, kiss or "I wuv you" will make the world a better place. Every time without fail.

You will rediscover joy in watching your child fall in love with what you love. The way Keiden's eye's light up when he sees books - magic.

That it'll be hard, challenging, have you questioning your sanity, but utterly worth it with each smile, laugh, hug, kiss, cuddle, and I wuv you.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Meet my friend in my computer: Mandy from Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After

Do I even need to do an introduction bit for Mandy? Her blog is the business and it seems that just like her, its got many fans.

Mandy, is warm, caring, friendly, open, happy to chat, incredibly hard working, and just all around great. Her warmth and the fact that she'll listen to you intently oozes out of her. I'm convinced that's why she always has the oddest how you know her stories - she picks up good people the way some of us gain weight just looking at cake.


Hi there, this is my friend Mandy. Let's chat.

How did we meet?
I twitter stalked you when we were pregnant because our bubbas were due a week apart and then I discovered we were originally due to have them in the same hospital.

Once Special K was born you kept me sane through the last of my pregnancy on Whatsapp and then when Charly was 2 months old we met in person for the first time. It was her first public appearance :)
K looks massive because of how I'm holding him
What is blogging to you? 
It is my own space on the Internet. I think I largely found my power in myself through blogging. Realising I had the ability to help and support people all over the world by just sharing and being there, changed my view of myself. 

Although it has evolved and grown, I still see it in that way - growing my audience, for me, is all about being able to reach and support more people. I also love that I can now share other people's stories and help people promote and grow their small businesses.

And then there's the fact that it had given me a space to document my entire journey through my pregnancy and growing with my baby girl that I will be able to return to forever. There's something precious to me in that.

And the people. There are no words for how much I value the relationships and friendships I have formed through my blog.

Current favourite series, book and game: 
Leaving Time, Jodi Picoult.
Fable 2 - nothing before or after has had the same hold on me.

Browncoat or Castillion ? Mal or Castle?
I cannot choose. Firefly is hugely symbolic in my relationship with my husband, to the point that we rewatch huge chunks of it every New Year's Eve :) We have also planned to name any little boy we have Nathan, so yeah...
And I think the last statement may make clear that we love Castle too. It's a show I never miss.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. All. The. Coffee. But anyone who loves real coffee will hate me because I only like Nescafé, I don't like it strong and I like it with loads of milk

Food or sights when travelling?
Preferably both. I have strong attachments to things I have read extensively about or that have been imprinted in my mind by favourite series or movies, so sights hold huge sentimental space in my heart. While I wouldn't travel somewhere for the food specifically; I have excluded places because I know I won't eat the local food.

What does a day need to be good for you?
Ideally it needs to start 7am, anything earlier and I really struggle. I need hubby and I to be in a good loving space when he leaves for work and when we go to sleep. I need Charly to be happy and to have at least one hour quiet with her. I need to accomplish one big work goal a day and be on top of my admin across all my businesses.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Friends in our computers

One of the great things about blogging is that it introduces you to some amazing people. Folks who shape you - your personhood, motherhood and all the bits in between - just with the magic they weave with their words.

If you're lucky, those people are happy to respond to your comment on Twitter. Even luckier you chat with them there, send messages, then e-mails and whatsapps. And then, when luck is shining extra brightly on you they even live in the same city as you, and you get to meet. Where wonder of wonders they're just as lovely and friendly when you chatted through screens.

Those people, those friends in our computers, the ones who get some parts of you that the friends you meet irl first don't get straight away...are the ones I'll be introducing to you.

Over the next few weeks, once a week I'll introduce you to a friend in my computer. All these ladies are lovely, I fangirl squee about some of their work. Some I've meet outside of the comfort of our screens, others not. But not one of them hasn't in some way shaped my story.

I hope you enjoy meeting them.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quest 500

As of this post, I'll have 462 posts on this blog. Given that the blog will be 6 years old in December, I figure a good way to mark that occasion will be reaching 500 posts in that month. If I write 3 or more posts per week, I should hit it in time for Christmas.

So here goes Quest 500.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Five for Friday: Book Edition

Keiden's current favourite book. We've had to take it out from the library three times already, and renew it each time. He loves this book so much, and is constantly wanting us to read it to him. He goes around saying opity opity all the time - all the animals go in a way that ends in a ity [lipity-lopity, bibity-bobity etc]. I'm trying to track a copy down for home, hopefully it can be a Christmas gift.
Another favourite book that we've had to take out and renew a few times. He loves the actions - the book has some you can do when singing  it :).

We got sent a Kids Book Club bag to try out. It includes a cute bag, 2 magazines for the parent and 2 books for the little.

We both love this bag. It's become our new library bag. When we're not using it to go to the library, K loves walking around with it and moving his blocks around in it.

He still likes reading multiple books at the same time :).

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five for Friday: Keiden Edition

Keiden has entered the boundary pushing phase. He's decided that drawing on doors is more fun than on paper, and that he doesn't need to listen. His job is to take the laundry basket back to the bathroom after we've hung up the laundry, Yesterday, he decided to just leave it sitting in the lounge. I left it there, reminded him in the afternoon, he then took it back to the bathroom.

He's picking up new words almost every day. Some we understand where he got it from, like apple and dirty, but he's also picked up money, and dumb. I think money comes from when we're at shops, but dumb, I don't know. I make a point of saying something or someone is silly.

His love of books is growing and growing :). We can't walk past a book store without him wanting to go in, we're spending longer and longer periods of time at the library, and he didn't want to donate any of his books to the library.

He has also decided that maybe walking up and down stairs isn't that bad. He's not wanted to go beyond the fifth step before, but has suddenly decided to tackle the two flights at the library. He has walked up and down them. And is happily taking the stairs at most places now.

Lately, he is being more outgoing saying hi to more and more people, not just the ladies. He does though want to show everyone his bellybutton...because they're apparently fun and everyone must know this.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Nothing changes if nothing changes

I often say that I might know something in my head (logically), but it doesn't mean that I know it emotionally. Case in point this post by Janelle at Renegade Mothering.

Sure we all know that in order for things to really change we need to do something, but how often do we do something to make that happen? It's more a case of things need to hit us at the right time, the right moment to make things happen.

So I'm just sharing this post because I found it at the right moment to know what it was saying both in my head and heart. And it might just be the right moment for you too.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Five for Friday: Things that spark joy

This wall of Keiden happened because of de-cluttering. I got things finished that have been waiting for ages.

Finally put the faceblocks up. This side of the bookcase faces the front door.

A Book Owl delivery.

Wedding photos up on our bedroom wall, instead of in an album packed away and not enjoyed.

New milk frother of awesome, hot morning coffee ftw!

*The photos of Keiden, are all ones I've shared before. If you were wondering about my no pics of Keiden privacy stance.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Five for Friday

Our book quest has been going well, one of the junior librarians has been so awesome at finding books. There have been two that we've really enjoyed:


I'm listening to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (after Marcia was raving about it). And guys, I'm on chapter two, and I just want to get stuck into discarding, but I'm going to finish it first and then go for it. I might even go back to Pintrest for ways to better picture the end result I want.

I plan on getting Real Food, Happy Healthy Children this weekend. I'm so keen on finding more ways to keep my family on track with avoiding extra sugar. It's so easy to keep Keiden away from it, but Jerall and I really struggle. So I'm keen on something that will help us all.

In that light, we're trying the #SugarFreeSeptember thing. A few days late, but trying is better than not trying at all.

Meds has made such a difference. It's ridiculous. In the midst of it all I was so convinced it's not that bad at all, and now that the fog has lifted, I'm in shock just how much denial I had going on.