Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Five for Friday

I have a new theme. I'm going for an uncluttered look, what do you think?

The recent bleh mood is starting to lift. The mood has been so bad for all of my attempts to do anything productive and good for me.

J and I are trying out this snack buddy thing: you can't have a "I really shouldn't" snack without the other. It's an attempt to curb our recent spree of bad eating.

We've found a place, The Blue Crane & The Butterfly, great food, coffee and service. They brought out a highchair without us needing to ask for it. We've gotten used to places in Stel not having any, so this was amazing. I also really enjoy the general feel of the place.

This, has just been amazing. It's helped me stop worrying about mister hates the sleep sac, and kicks blankets off.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


There are a few people using the Currently format, but I first spotted it on Cindy's blog. Anyhow, this format does seem to be just the right trick to help you with that "I should write a post, but brain" feeling, so here goes.

Watching:  Daredevil, which is just a touch too real for me, but something both J and I can watch. I've just finished watching The has bad and good moments, but I want to read the books so that I can have Bellarke.

Reading: The Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde.

Listening: Mostly podcasts, particularly Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, and the soundtracks of Empire and Nashville.

Doing: Chores, reading, sometimes yoga.

Contemplating: My MA application, how to be more environmentally friendly - the block has recycling, hence those thoughts. What I can to do to break my current mode of "bleh, I can't do anything/won't accomplish anything". And if we should get a wonder bag or a small gas stove. Do I really need a coat for winter, or would a blazer, denim jacket and wind breaker suffice? Keiden's digital footprint and privacy - how much do I share about him, how many photos, what can I do that won't be an issue for him when he's older and managing it all for himself?

What's your currently like?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Easter folks.
Nijntje, is the best bunny. Visiting Dick Bruna Huis was one of the highlights of our Netherlands trip, and it's a place I'd love to take Keiden to. There are things on display, put at an easy viewing height for littles.

I'm waiting for all the Easter chocolates to get marked down, I might just be able to ignore the I don't need it feelings when buying a beautiful jar I've seen when it's marked down - if it is.

We'll be seeing J's siblings, his brother and his family are down from P.E. They're staying with my sil, so it's a double cousin dose for K. He'll love it, he loves playing with bigger kids.

Hope you have a good long weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I was chatting with a friend about feeling bleh, and making all the wrong food decisions. And she told me something that just hit me in all the feelings. She said that at this stage of his life Keiden thinks I'm perfect just the way I am, and that the first person he's going to learn from that I am anything less than perfect just the way I am, is me. Yip, let that one sink in for a moment or two. Scary, right?

This feeling less than though, is something I'm sure a lot of women deal with. Like I mentioned in another post, I see it as a form of imposter syndrome. We're just so sure that we're not good enough. And I know I worry about being found to be the less than that I see myself as. It's all quite messed up, how self destructive we are. I would never speak to a friend the way I speak to myself. This policing of self, especially in our appearance is just one more example of how patriarchy messes with everyone because. Just imagine if all this mental energy was actually used on something would be a completely different world.

When walking around town, I find myself wanting to just grab the students and tell them: "You'll never have as flat a tummy a you have no. You are not fat, stop wasting energy on it, and go do all the things." And then I remember when I was 19 - 22 I would not listen to a crazy lady wearing her kid, if she did that to me.

Speaking of students, it seems I'm on track to getting back to being one of those. The course work MA I wanted to do isn't on offer though. So it'll have to be a full thesis, and let me make it's freaking intimidating getting back on the academic bandwagon. So I have an idea for a topic, which I was so worried would't be good enough that I went to go see someone in the department to chat about it. I didn't get laughed at, so now I need to clarify my thoughts, and start the application process. 

The process starts with you sending the course co-ordinator a page detailing what you would be doing. Then at a meeting where they discuss MA candidates they decide if they'll take you. Once that's done you do the paperwork of an application to the university proper. The next bout of decisions is at the end of April, so I have time to finesse my page, and then freak ;)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Five for Friday

This has been a week of grumps. Keiden has been grumpy and tantrum throwing every day for long stretches of time...not exactly conducive to a good mood for me either. And because I eat my feelings, I've fallen off the no chocolate, baked goods and soft drinks wagon. But I'll be getting back on it, because that's all you can do.

This song, has been helping with the grumps. Oddly, for me at least, a friend finds this song sad...I'm find it inspiring. It's from Empire, it' a hiphopera, and the music has just been amazing, especially anything sung by Jussie Smollett.

Lately, Keiden has been saying "bit bit bitbit bitbitbit" a lot. It reminds me of a tongue twister: Betty bought a bit of butter to make a bit of batter. But the bit of butter was bitter so Betty bought a better bit of butter to make a bit of batter. Jerall and I have been trying to remember other tongue twisters, and we both get stuck on red lorry, yellow lorry.

I've been trying one new recipe a month, and this month has been a winner...two new ones in one week. It's been tricky because I want to cut down on our meat consumption, but the most delicious vegetarian dishes have tomatoes, and K is allergic. Please point me to amazing easy vegetarian dishes that don't have tomatoes in them.

Normally while working I tend to listen to music or just work in silence. This week I switched things up and listened to some TED talks. I'm not sure if it's helped my production, but it's certainly helped me feel less bogged down in the work. What do you listen to?