Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Two months

On Sunday Keiden was two months old. It's ridiculous how quickly we've gotten to this point. Also yay Jerall and I for keeping him alive and well for this long ;).
Things to remember: him looking for me when I talk and someone else holds him. Him smiling - his dad got the first one and he's been stingy with them ever since. I just can't get one while Jerall gets them often. His fascination with his mirror toy. We took the toy for the play mat and put it on his chair and he happily chats away. Him getting talkative, although he tends to be most chatty at night. How much more alert he's become; it's amazing to see him hit at toys and watch things and people.
Now for pictures:

Monday, March 17, 2014

The weekend that was

A short, sweet and mostly homeward bound weekend was had. Although Friday late afternoon and evening included a visit to my aunt, which means food :). She made soup and was delicious.

Saturday Keiden and I visited with L while Jerall gamed. But L and I had an excellent two player Pandemic game and some good Agricola games too. She made mmmmpie and twice baked potatoes for lunch. It was the weekend of great food, as Sunday lunch was a steak braai and Saturday super was Thai food from a new find.

All the great food aside the highlight of the weekend was Saturday. As L was holding Keiden I was talking and he turned and looked for me :D. It so made my day.

Obligatory baby picture below.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A bit late

It's a bit after the fact, but here are some photos from our bump shoot in December. It's great to have the photos, it reminds me that it wasn't all bad. But I really don't miss those days of swollen everything and heartburn. Photos taken by Nielen, at the V & A Waterfront on a very windy day.

We might have been having a belly off :p

No idea what Jerall was trying to do.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

One month

Guys, my baby is one month old today. Ok, it's not the 30th, but February doesn't have that and it has been four weeks since he arrived. I can't believe that it's been a month already...granted I'm so tired I'm sure I've lost time somewhere.

Things to remember: the way he arches his brows when he's trying to decide to give in to sleep or not. The way his stubbornness is showing up - Keiden fights sleep all the time, hence regular eyebrow arching. And lately his mommy hold me all the time phase - I'm sure it'll end and I'll miss it.

Photos below,  posting from my phone makes it hard to have them in a post.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This baby business is tough

Man oh man do I miss hours of solid sleep. What makes it worse is that at night Keiden does have a long stretch of sleep. The problem is that I wake up at about the two and a half hour mark, and about every twenty minutes after that till he wakes at about the four hour mark 0_o. Clearly my body is trying to sabotage me.

Jerall does his best to help, but unless he somehow manages to grow a set of boobs there's not that much he can do besides burping and some walking to get K to sleep. I also find myself being all meh about breastfeeding. I don't hate it, but I don't like it. I could take it or leave it, but it's probably easier than a bottle&is free. The clinic nurse advised that I don't try expressing till about six weeks - it took awhile, a long while, for my milk to come in&I've had other feeding issues.

This raising a person business is tough...and it's the early, easy days 0_o. His needs right now are pretty simple. Although it doesn't stop me from wishing he came with status bars like a sim - that'd certainly make things a lot easier. The heat isn't helping matters much either; I go between worrying that he's too hot or getting cold for most of the day. Again we need status bars, someone work on science or magic to make it happen.

And now pictures of my second love :).

Thursday, February 6, 2014

One week

It'll been one week of Keiden. For those who don't follow me on Twitter you missed the news. At our weekly visit last week our doctor said that my placenta had calcified dramatically since the week before - it ment that Keiden had to out.

So we went from still having time to having none. The entire day was surreal - not to mention hungry. The visit was at 09:00, & we got a 16:00 time for the c-section so I couldn't eat. It didn't seem as if if was happening even when we got to theatre & I had to get into position for the spinal.

My part went well, just a bout of low blood pressure - so he was out quickly. He however wasn't in such a good spot. He had his cord around his neck, which doc had missed because of the placenta thing. I got to see him for a minute & then he had to go. Jerall stayed with Keiden while they were finishing off with me.

I only got to see Keiden again at 18:00, which was not great at all. But, there he was all kinds of awesome.

C-section recovery is not a walk in the park, thank goodness for drugs. And a doctor who's all manage the pain with drugs. We've been home since Sunday and it's going ok. That said Keiden's lost weight since being discharged and I still haven't had my milk come in so that's not making for a good time. All in all though I have all kinds of good cuddles ;).

The numbers: Keiden Jay born 30th January 2014, weight 2.535kg, length 48.5cm.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The weekend that was

It does seem a bit odd to me that I would be sort of getting back into blogging just as I'm going to hit the point of  falling out of it again. Anyhow, back to the short and sweet post.

Friday evening we had a braai with friends we hadn't seen in awhile. Lots of food and pudding ftw :). We also played Cards Against Humanity for the first time - it's so wrong, but so funny. It's really not a game for everyone though. Saturday was pfs at Fanaticus - I played with some new folks, all in all it was fun. Post Fanaticus we went to Canal Walk to find a rocker\comfy chair for feedings. It wasn't a successful trip.

Instead of diner at the mall we got some Steers and hired dvds. We watched This is How it Ends and Fannie Fouries Labola. The local movie was much, much better than the vanity project which was the first mentioned. I still have the chorus from one of the songs in Fannie Fouries Labola stuck in my head. Sunday was a big lazy day.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Those resolution things

Yes, I know that January is almost done...and it seems a bit late for a resolution. Only this isn't a resolution per say, it's more of a has to happen. I've decided that 2014 is the year I make peace with my hair.

I have thick, unruly, almost curly hair. Every time I wash it it takes me about two and a half hours to flat iron it. I don't blow dry, that'll just take too long, so I make two buns and let it dry like that during the day. Then of course there'll be top up flat irons between washes so that my hair can carry on looking semi decent.

Sure making peace with my hair might not seem like a big deal, or very hard to do, but when you've grown up with lots of emphasis placed on hair it's very hard to let go of certain thoughts. The state of my hair is so important to me, that even if I'm wearing something I know I look good in, and am having a good day it won't matter because my hair isn't looking good. I worry that I'll be considered a mess because my hair is a mess. Jerall will call me beautiful and I'll shrug it off because hair is a mess.

I'm hoping that with the arrival of Keiden it'll be easier to just deal with my hair. I won't be able to worry about it because I won't have time...and I'll just be too tired to deal with. Maybe I will be able to respond to my inner critic with "It doesn't matter, it's just hair."

Does the state of your hair bother you as much as mine does me?

Monday, January 20, 2014

The birthday weekend that was

Friday was a take it easy at home evening, we watched Monsters University. It was much better than the trailed had lead us to think it would be. Saturday was my birthday. I'm now in my last year of 20s 0_o. The day started early, I woke up starving at 06:30. So I had a small breakfast of cereal, but about 09:00ish we headed off to O'ways for breakfast. O'ways is probably my favourite's a pity they don't do dinner, otherwise we'd probably go there a lot more often.

For lunch our friend L made mmmmmpie - it's a cheese and mushroom pie - and roast potatoes. Desert was this most amazing baked chocolate, ginger and raspberry cheesecake...all of it got demolished. I tell you having your friend making her dishes that you love just for your birthday means somewhere you've manged to do the friend thing right.

Post lunch we played board it was a pretty good afternoon. Which we then topped off with sushi buffet for dinner with other friends. It was all kinds of awesome. And it was made better by my presents.

I got most spoilt with my presents. Jerall got me book three of the Mouse Guard series, and issue one of Sandman Overture. A friend gave me great bath stuff, another gave me vouchers for Exclusive Books - which I've already turned into two books :). Another gave me a Musica voucher - still to be spent. And one gave me Takealot voucher - already turned into a book and replacement copy of Love Actually [the one Jerall got me years ago broke :(]. I've also been told that another friend has a prezzie for me when we see her. See much spoilage, and the best part is it was all things for me...not baby related at all.

Yesterday there was gaming, getting books and taking it easy. How was your weekend?

Friday, January 17, 2014

Rambling update

At least not quite as many months have passed this time since my last post. I might just be getting slightly better at this ;) We're nearing the end of the baking a little person process - I at 34 weeks. However, my placenta is calcifying, and we're not going to make it to the edd of 25th Feb. Fortunately, yesterday's doctor visit had good news, we might just make 37 weeks :). This has meant that we needed to speed up our get things ready for K plan, and both our bags are packed. The rest of the things though aren't quite as sorted. We still don't have the cot here 0_o

On the non baby front I don't have much to say really. Probably because right now K is probably our number one talking point. It is the day before my birthday...I'll be 29 0_o. Last year of my 20s. Although tomorrow does mark a year of keeping a pot plant alive, woo hoo. It's been hit and miss at some moments, but the chili plant is alive. I'll get a picture of it up at some point.

Right, not much else besides the usual pre birthday emo. Which has passed so yay for that. Have a good weekend folks. Oh, also happy 2014 :0

Ps. Not quite as rambling as I though this would be.